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Film Club: San Diego Film Critics Awards

December 15, 2010 1:42 p.m.

The critics of the KPBS Film Club of the Air discuss the recent San Diego Film Critics Awards.

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ALISON ST. JOHN: I'm Alison St. John in for Maureen Cavanaugh. Well, it's film club of the air. And since it's the end of the year, and award season, we've got some top to which films to talk about. Not that all our in-house critics will necessarily like them, as always, I expect some heated debate. But the reviews that I've been reading suggest some good quality entertainment in the films that our critics have picked to review am so just before we start that list, let's talk about the latest news from the San Diego film critics, because Beth, and first of all, of course, I should remind our listeners who our three critics are because some of you may not remember even although they're familiar names to most of us. Beth Accomando, is KPBS's film critic, and author of the blog cinema junkie. Beth, great to have you here.
ACCOMANDO: Morning, Alison.
ALISON ST. JOHN: Scott Marks is author of the film blog, Emotion Scott, good morning.
MARKS: Good morning.
ALISON ST. JOHN: And Anders Wright is the film critic of the San Diego CityBeat.
WRIGHT: Great to see you, Alison.
ALISON ST. JOHN: Great to have you here. So you all met with a bunch of film critics from San Diego yesterday, I believe, and you picked out -- what were your favorite films of the year? What came up top?
ACCOMANDO: Well, what was interesting for us is that only one film had repeat awards, winter's bone won for best film, best actress and best supporting actor. But otherwise the awards were pretty spread out. And we also managed to avoid a lot of the films that are getting the bulk of the nominations and awards, films like Social Network and Inception. So they were spread out, one of my favorites, 44-inch chest won best acting ensemble. But it was a nice diverse selection of films.
ALISON ST. JOHN: And what about best performance of the year? What did you come down on for that one?
WRIGHT: Well, Jennifer Lawrence from winter's bone was given best actress, which I think is a very good choice, but our best actors' selection is I think is the one that was certainly the furthest out from all the other critics' groups. Colin Firth, who is in the King's Speech, has picked up I think the bulk of the awards, and Jeff Eisenberg in the Social Network. We actually gave the award to Colin Farrell who appears in a smaller film called an dine, which not very many people have seen, but it's a terrific movie, he gives a really wonderful performance.
ACCOMANDO: It was the battle of the Collins.
WRIGHT: Yeah, it was, it was Colin Firth versus Colin Farrell.
ACCOMANDO: It was down to the wire.
WRIGHT: Yeah, but I think it's the one big award that we gave out where people have been, like, Colin Farrell? For what? What movie? What is that? ? Not enough people have seen this film, but it's Neal Jordan's move, it's well made, well directed, and [CHECK AUDIO].
ALISON ST. JOHN: And Scott, in the film category, I am loved was the winner. Tell us about the category that you guys talked about.
MARKS: I don't have the list here. I don't have my glasses, but I walked out of the house thinking I had a pair of glasses, they were 3D glasses, so I'm doing okay. [CHECK AUDIO] for Social Network, and Debra Cranner for Winter's Bone, and we gave it the best director to Daren Arenofsky. Oh, you wanted foreign film. I don't have my glasses. Beth, be my -- I'll be your Jerry Mahoney.
ACCOMANDO: We had nominated Beautiful from Spain, Mother from South Korea, No One Knows about Persian Cats, and the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo from Denmark. And the winner was I am Love which is a wonderful film from Italy with Tilda Swinton and just a magnificent performance. She did a great job. She was a Russian transplant to Italy speaking Italian with a Russian accent.
WRIGHT: She was also nominated for best actress by our group as well.
ALISON ST. JOHN: And it sounds like you've got some ideas about some films that San Diegans may never had heard of or seen, but that they might benefit from seeing. Where would they find this list?
WRIGHT: Well, our site is at, or really, at this point, if somebody wants to just Google San Diego film critics we'll pop right up.
MARKS: And dose our site have the nominees too?
MARKS: Okay, not just the winners.
ALISON ST. JOHN: If you want to see some films, the best of San Diego's critics have recommended, go to that site and check them out.