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Comics: Robert Scott

May 6, 2011 4:43 p.m.

Robert Scott talks about comics and comic book movies.

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Marvel's "Thor" is the latest comic to arrive on the big screen. But KPBS film critic Beth Accomando says it's not the superhero films that bring new customers into comic book stores.

THOR 2 (ba) (1:11)

Comic book dealers wish Marvel and DC would use their movies to drive people back to the original publications. But the buzz is focused on the films not the comics, as with Marvel's "Thor" that's opening today.

THOR 2A (:25)
[film clip] Name?... He said it was Thor... T-H-O-R... [Robert Scott] Unfortunately as much as we'd like to see it when it comes to superhero comics people already seem to have a fixed idea of what superhero characters are and whether or not they already appreciate them and if they did they would already be buying the comics so they don't really see a need to come in and see what's new.

That's Robert Scott, owner of Comickaze in Clairemont Mesa. He says superhero blockbusters don't bring new customers to his shop but other comic book adaptations do.

THOR 2B (:17)
We saw a lot bigger response to things like "Scott Pilgrim" and "Kick-Ass" and "Watchmen" and "Sin City" and it didn't fall neatly into people's perceptions of what comic books are. Like I think "Scott Pilgrim" was definitely our best selling graphic novel series last year.

But superheroes dominate theaters this summer with "Green Lantern," "Captain America," and "X-Men First Class" still to come.

Beth Accomando, KPBS News.