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Spot news: FilmOut Horror Films

August 26, 2011 9:59 a.m.

FilmOut programmer talks about horror films.

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FilmOut kicked off its 13th season last weekend and concludes this weekend. KPBS reporter Beth Accomando says one of the surprisingly successful components of the festival is horror.

HORROR 1 (ba)

This year FilmOut will showcase 60 films of all genres -- musicals, comedies, dramas, shorts, features, documentaries, and horror. Festival programmer Michael McQuiggan is a horror fan. He's made the genre part of the festival ever since the gay slasher film "Hellbent" drew strong numbers at FilmOut in 2005.

HORROR 1A (:16)
We try to incorporate one or two horror films in to the festival every year so I'm really looking forward to seeing "Bite Marks" with an audience, which is a vampire comedy, and another film we're highlighting is "Earthling" which kind of reminded me of an early Cronenberg type film.

"Earthling" screens at the Birch North Park Theater today at 1:45, and "Bite Marks" later this evening at 8. Vampires remain popular so "Bite Marks" should appeal to a broader audience. Plus, director Mark Bessenger knows his bloodsucker trivia.

HORROR 1B (:16)
Vampires fear the cross... not in Fright Night.... You have to believe in it... Well trust me there's nothing I believe in more right now... They might not be able to get in anyway without being invited... That didn't work in Count Yorga... Of course not that was American Pictures.

FilmOut concludes its 13th season this Sunday with the drama "The Green."

Beth Accomando, KPBS News.