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Comics 1: The DC New 52

September 5, 2011 10:38 a.m.

Comickaze store owner and a comics fan talk about the DC New 52.

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ANCHOR: Last Tuesday some comic book stores were open at midnight for the debut of DC's New 52, a massive re-launch of the DC Comics universe. KPBS reporter Beth Accomando explains what all the buzz is about.

COMICS 1 (1:16)

Midnight releases are usually reserved for the latest "Harry Potter" movie, not for comic books. But the buzz over DC Comics' reboot of their entire super hero universe brought dozens out last Tuesday to Comickaze in Clairemont. Store owner Robert Scott says it's an ambitious project for DC.

COMICS 1A (:12)
ROBERT SCOTT: They have a lot riding on it, their whole entire universe. They didn't just change a couple heroes here. So I'm kind of excited because I think knowing that they are really going to bring their A+ game.

Scott saw a lot of new faces in his store, some who had never read a comic, others who had stopped reading but both got caught up in the excitement of being on the ground floor of this new DC Universe. The last time DC rebooted was 25 years ago and that made a comics fan out of a then teenaged Tony Kim. Kim, a self-described comic book nerd and author of the blog, downloaded his copy of Justice League number 1.

COMICS 1B (:18)
TONY KIM: I think the book was not really designed for me as a veteran fan but really was designed for to try and entice new readers. But for myself I'm looking forward to where the story goes I'm looking forward to how they tie in the lore of all these great characters and... the real question will be in a year from now will I still be wanting to read it.

The next issue of the New 52 comes out on Wednesday in comic book stores and simultaneously online.

Beth Accomando, KPBS News.