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Comic-Con Pre-Registration Closes February 28

February 22, 2012 4:40 p.m.

Comic-Con has been guarded about releasing information regarding its upcoming ticket sales. Last year their site crashed when they received 250 requests per second. Yesterday they made an announcement on Twitter.

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Last month Comic-Con initiated a new system requiring potential attendees to register now in order to buy tickets later for the July pop culture convention. Yesterday the non-profit organization made an announcement on Twitter, says Comic-Con spokesman David Glanzer.

DAVID GLANZER: Just letting people know that when badge sales go live those who've registered for a member ID will be getting email notification notifying them of that.

You can register for a member ID through February 28.

DAVID GLANZER: They can go to our website today and register for a member ID but that will be the only way to purchase a badge.

Four day badges with preview night are $175. Single day are $40. Comic-Con is expected to sell out again and you must have a member ID in the system before the end of the month to purchase a badge. But people who want the Comic-Con experience might want to check out WonderCon next month. It's run by the same non-profit organization that puts on Comic-Con, and for the first time it's being held in Anaheim instead of San Francisco. Glanzer says last year's WonderCon had 50,000 attendees, less than half of what Comic-Con draws.

DAVID GLANZER: It's a event that a lot of people have called Comic-Con-lite. It's a really fun event I think for people who haven't been able to get to Comic-Con or want to see the Comic-Con experience with a little less craziness will find it's a great show to check out.

All the major comics publishers will be there as well as a strong Hollywood presence. Plus, tickets for WonderCon are on sale now and readily available.

Beth Accomando, KPBS News.