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'Hunger Games' Ticket Sales

March 22, 2012 2:11 p.m.

KPBS arts reporter Beth Accomando speaks with Fandango about 'Hunger Games' ticket sales.

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The eagerly awaited film adaptation of Szanne Collins'young adult novel "The Hunger Games" opens at midnight tonight. Fandango is reporting that it is selling 10 tickets per second right now online so this new franchise looks to open big.

If you're looking to buy tickets to the first midnight show of "The Hunger Games," you may already be too late. Dozens of showtimes in San Diego have already sold out says Harry Medved of the online ticketing company Fandango.

"It has already broken our record as the top-selling franchise opener. So we've actually sold more tickets for "The Hunger Games" than we sold for the first "Twilight" movie during it's entire run. So we are not just talking about advance ticket sales, but the film has already sold out 2000 showtimes on Fandango alone before it's even been on sale at the box office."

In San Diego, theaters like AMC Mission Valley and Edwards Mira Mesa added 3am screenings to accommodate fans.

Medved says sales are especially brisk for the IMAX screening: "Now this is the strange thing, it's only playing for one week in IMAX Theaters. And that's why the IMAX Theaters are the top selling showtimes that we have right now. A lot of those are selling out."

In San Diego the film is screening in IMAX at more than a half dozen theaters. Medved suggests buying tickets in advance for any screening in order to avoid being shutout.

This looks like a box office winner for Lionsgate, which now also owns the "Twilight" film franchise.