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Coachella comes to San Diego

April 11, 2012 1:05 p.m.


Tim Mays, owner of The Casbah.

Tim Pyles, a DJ on FM 94.9 and host of “The Local 94/9”.

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CAVANAUGH: Coachella begins this weekend, and continues next week. And if you don't have tax, you are so too late! But this is a festival with benefits for San Diego. Those acts booked for Coachella have little downtime between weekends, and they're close enough to do a show here. Some big acts from Coachella will be playing here soon. My guest, Tim Mays, owner of the Casbah. Welcome to the show.

MAYS: Hi, happy to be here.

CAVANAUGH: And Tim Pyles is a radio DJ, hello.

PYLES: How are you?

CAVANAUGH: I'm doing great.

CAVANAUGH: Tim Mays, let me start with you. This is the first year Coachella is two weekends. Why?

MAYS: Well, there's a lot of different types of bands there. You can buy one ticket, stay one weekend in one place and see 100 different bands, all different styles. And there's big bands and small band, up and coming bands, everything across the board. So it's just one place to see it all.

CAVANAUGH: It's really -- this -- Coachella has just taken off in recent years hasn't it?

PYLES: It's funny, I saw the tipping point happen with Coachella. Radiohead, when they played in 2006, I believe it was, that was really the tipping point for it where now obviously it's gone to two weekends. And it's just crazy. It's such a destination for people, not just within Southern California and Arizona, but I'm saying all over the world.

CAVANAUGH: And it sells out so fast.

PYLES: Yeah, the fact that two weekends sold out incredibly fast is phenomenal.

CAVANAUGH: Tim Mays, how is the San Diego music scene? How are we benefiting from these two weekends?

MAYS: Well, in the past, they were very reluctant to let bands play other shows, especially in San Diego or LA. This year, with the down time in between, there's a lot of bands sitting around with nothing to do. So we're getting a lot of shows. We ended up with thee at the Casbah I got -- a few shows we booked into the house approximate of blues and into the belly up. I'm involved with probably seven shows that week.

CAVANAUGH: Wow. Now, you book a lot of bands obviously. How did you narrow down the choices?

MAYS: Well, we didn't have choices basically.

CAVANAUGH: So it was easy!

MAYS: We were presented with here are the bands that are going to be able to play San Diego. So we booked the horrors and the black angel, the hives, St. Vincent. Big pink. Will we were promised jet packs, and yeah. All of those shows.

CAVANAUGH: Tim Pyles, let's talk about some of the shows individually. The band madness is playing. Tell us about them.

PYLES: Well, they came out of the 2-tone Scott area in the late '70s and '80s there's a lot of bands associated with that. They are part of a very eclectic era in Ska music. It's actually a big part of my youth. Me and my friends were all rude boys and had Vespas and wore the doc Martins and lived religiously through those 2-tone Scott era bands. So I will definitely be at that show.

CAVANAUGH: This is from the 1979 album one step beyond. Here's night boat to Cairo.

(Audio Recording Played)

CAVANAUGH: That's madness from their album one step beyond. Tim Mays, what do you like about this music?

MAYS: I love madness too. I grew up the same way, being a huge fan of madness and the 2-tone stuff. And I think I saw them play a show at jack Murphy stadium parking lot years ago.

CAVANAUGH: What are they like in concert?

MAYS: Just guys playing instruments and jumping around on stage and, it's just madness. I'm going to go to the show on Tuesday as well.

CAVANAUGH: Another band is the buzz cocks. And Tim Mays, what's their story?

MAYS: Buzz cocks, I think I bought one of their first singles in 1978. They have been around since then. They've reformed, gotten back together, and broke up. And they're one of the first early punk-pop bands, you know? They had punk rock roots but a very poppy melodic sound to them. They're a great band too.

CAVANAUGH: Here's a song, what do I get?

(Audio Recording Played)

CAVANAUGH: That's the buzz cocks. Tim Pyle's, why are you looking forward to this show?

PYLES: Oh, man, they're one of the best pop punk bands. You can't go any further than the buzz cocks. They are the epitome of pop punk, I love them, and they're legends.

CAVANAUGH: Next Wednesday, April†18th at the belly up in Solana beach. We've talked about two kind of legendary bands, and now we move onto some bands that are really making some waves. Tim Pyles, this week, not only is it about the boys but it's also about the girls. Tell us about Tune Yards.

PYLES: She is phenomenal. Rather amazing individual. She uses loops and pedals, and it's kind of a very eclectic experience. It's hard to spin down. It's just something you have to experience in person.

CAVANAUGH: Well, let's hear a little bit. Even though we're not in person. Here's business by Tune Yards.

(Audio Recording Played)

CAVANAUGH: One woman, are right?

PYLES: Yeah, pretty much. She does have a base player, I believe that plays live with her.

CAVANAUGH: And her name?

PYLES: That's a good question!

MAYS: I don't know either.

PYLES: She's Tune Yards!

CAVANAUGH: Not only is she playing, but St. Vincent is also playing. Tell us about her.

PYLES: She is another phenomenal artist. The first introduction for some people may have been she was one of the singers for the polyphonic spree. But she's also been part of suchin Stevens touring bands, now she's got her own thing. She's been compared to Kate bush and David bowie.


PYLES: Some amazing people to be connected with, and she's just a lovely talent.

CAVANAUGH: Next Wednesday, April†18th at the house of blues in downtown San Diego. Tim Mays, are the big pink plays the Casbah next Wednesday.

MAYS: They're a British duo, they flesh out with a couple other members I believe. They formed in 2007 in England. Put out their first record in 2009, won an award that year for best new band from NME. And they played Coachella a couple years ago, and they're back again this year, and I think this is their second show at the Casbah they've done.

CAVANAUGH: This is great. We get to play lots of music. This is the big pink, and here's a cut from dominos.

(Audio Recording Played)

CAVANAUGH: That was dominos by the pig bank and Tim Pyles it looks like you like them pretty much too.

PYLES: I do. And it has maybe a little flavor of the 80s in there.

CAVANAUGH: The big pink play next Wednesday, April†18th at the Casbah on Ketner boulevard. So people are gone have to do a lot of work on the 18th to see shows! You're excited about a double bill with the horrors and the black angels.

PYLES: I have been a fan of the horrors since they first debuted, and they've finally made it to San Diego. And I just love the band. Their new record skies just won best record of the year on NME, they're an English band. Phenomenal. They were very garage rock sounding, now they have more of a my bloody Valentine vibe.

CAVANAUGH: I don't know what that means!

PYLES: It's a great band. But then the black angels are much more psychedelic and nature and definitely have a '60s vibe. Those two shows together I'm just anxiously awaiting. And I will be seeing them at Coachella the second weekend.

CAVANAUGH: Okay. Let's hear a song by the horrors. Here's you said.

(Audio Recording Played)

CAVANAUGH: Tim pile, this band is on the rise. Do you think they'll be playing small venues like the belly up again?

PYLES: They played the Casbah before. So this is definitely a step up for them. I would like to think so because they are one of my favorite bands, not to say that everybody else is going to like then, but I'd like to think they would.

CAVANAUGH: Tim Mays, just to wrap things up, this is going to be a very hectic weekend for music lovers in San Diego. Would you say it's time for people to basically put their plans on hold and just --

MAYS: I'm going to say rest up this week and get ready. And if you're not going to Coachella, it's a great opportunity to see a lot of the bands that are playing out there. So yeah, I think it's going to be a great week. Plan accordingly.

CAVANAUGH: And you are going to Coachella, but the second weekend?

PYLES: Second weekend. I'll be very busy leading up to it, starting with the rapture this weekend who are also playing Coachella. They're playing a show here in town that Tim is putting together on Saturday.

CAVANAUGH: Fabulous. If you want to get more information about these and more Coachella-related shows happening in San Diego, you can visit our website, Thank you both very much.

MAYS: Thank you very much for having me.

PYLES: Thank you.