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What's Happening Around San Diego In February?

February 6, 2014 1:33 p.m.


Kinsee Morlan, Arts Writer, San Diego City Beat

Claire Caraska, Freelance Writer

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TOM FUDGE: You're listening to KPBS Midday Edition, I am Tom Fudge. Concerts films and art shows, that it more happening this month around San Diego. We are now joined by two guests are going to give us a preview of some events worth marking on the calendar. Welcome to the program.

KINSEE MORLAN: T. Fudge, I am honored to be in your presence.

[ [ LAUGHTER ] ]

TOM FUDGE: I told you not to call me that!

[ [ LAUGHTER ] ]

TOM FUDGE: Well Claire, there's a show at Seven Grand Whiskey Bar featuring a local duo. Tell us about that.

CLAIRE CARASKA: We have two guys each doing their own individual thinks is the 90s, one raised in South Central LA and was even a dancer on in living color, and Eric is in the East Coast's native and DJ and producer May both Matt and began touring together. They continue to do their own thing and Eric went on to do his own solo record and stumbled upon a band called the soul investigators, and they gave Eric several in unfinished instrumental tracks that he took back to the states and he called up his friends and asked to help write some songs and a dynamic vocal duo was born.

TOM FUDGE: What is the music sound like? Typical Finnish rock 'n roll?

CLAIRE CARASKA: They definitely channel that classic 60s and 70s soul and R&B sounds. They have a very unique doo-wop style over a lot of strings and horns. Timeless soul music.

TOM FUDGE: Here's some of their music.


KINSEE MORLAN: Very smooth, Claire.

CLAIRE CARASKA: Very smooth, very groovy and kind of laid back. I guess they are timeless.

TOM FUDGE: What can people expect from tonight's show?

CLAIRE CARASKA: They can expect it are tremendous impact on the rise, it generated a lot of buzz and have already played several sold-out shows well before their album came out and they just released their debut album last summer.

TOM FUDGE: Have you ever been to the Seven Grand Whiskey Bar?

CLAIRE CARASKA: I have, it is a small intimate venue.

TOM FUDGE: Show begins tonight at 9 o'clock. From retro soul to contemporary art tells but that isn't. Tell about the new exhibit.

KINSEE MORLAN: It is a exhibit of cutting edge temporary art and is a large group exhibition, featuring eighteen top-tier artists from around the world. Derek Cartwright is now at USD, so that is why listing these really cutting edge museum quality shows.

TOM FUDGE: Most of the artists are from the Latin America?

KINSEE MORLAN: The people that I am excited about the local great ones, names that people the art world will immediately recognize, and New York abstract painter, he does really layered paintings and walks up with an executive night and cuts it away in these beautiful, the result is gorgeous. You'll see a lot of different styles of a lot of different mediums mostly in sculpture and painting spoke of is that of the

TOM FUDGE: Is that up in Encinitas? Some of them have an interesting connection with history.

KINSEE MORLAN: Everything was made in the last thirty years and you'll see what is happening now. Their pieces there are really famous pieces and everything from abstract to realism. You'll get a look at how they contribute to art history as a whole, and how they differ and so it's a really broad and good luck to contemporary art.

TOM FUDGE: Can you tell us the name of the exhibition and where it comes from?

KINSEE MORLAN: I don't know, I do everything magically these questions are not sent of ahead of time. Game changer to is the second in the series from the stress family collection, a local family that has impeccable take taste in art. The game changer part came from eight conference at USD and Derek Cartwright again is the guy in charge of art up there, he said that he went to it and was really inspired in this kind of the canvas approach to change perspective and change things for students in San Diego as a whole. She is hoping to change perspectives on Canterbury up with the show.

TOM FUDGE: This runs from February 6 to the twenty-eighth, at the exhibit hall of USD Student Life Pavilion. It's free and open to the public. Claire, getting back to you there is another show February 22 that is on your list to come to San Diego.

CLAIRE CARASKA: It has been a long time since they last played here, very quirky art pop duo formed in the mid-90s by two ex-patriot Japanese women who met in New York and that is where they've been based ever sense. Their name is Italian for crazy food. They love to sing about food and especially in the first album they love to see about food and it received a lot of critical acclaim and was a big car checked. It's primarily the print to women but they added three more members. They have done a lot of collaborations with a lot of different musicians of the years And they went on a hiatus about twelve years ago. Now they're back.

TOM FUDGE: Let's get a preview.


TOM FUDGE: I don't hear these tracks before I come in and their sound is very interesting.

CLAIRE CARASKA: That is one of the quieter tracks and this is their first album in fifteen years and it comes out on contents Valentine's Day.

TOM FUDGE: They broke up for fourteen years has there's unchanged?

CLAIRE CARASKA: Not too much During those years they were still making music individually and a lot of different groups and it is still referencing a lot of hip-hop jazz and punk rock and electronic music and this album is more conceptual than their first few works together, all of the songs are framed around events that happened in a haunted hotel and there is a ghost girl at housekeeping ladies.

TOM FUDGE: Pretty scary.

CLAIRE CARASKA: It's out there that is what they do and it's very fun and you don't want to miss the Mac.

TOM FUDGE: They are performing on Saturday in the Casbah and the door even opens at 830 and at thirty dollars at the door. Before we are out of time let's talk about the film of the art lab in my old hometown of Normal Heights, not your typical movie screening tell us about it.

KINSEE MORLAN: Instead of focusing on interesting dynamic provocative film they show for it. Very bad films and it is literally a team of local comedians that will make fun of it make you giggle and laugh all the way through the whole thing. This month that they are showing Titanic to which I did not know existed, it is a unwanted follow-up to the Titanic that we all know and love and it's the same thought plot and not a remake of the same boat and the same route only backwards so they go from starting it in New York and guess what the same that, global warming and an iceberg fix them out, it's really really horrible But did you know that they are actually making a remake of the Titanic and physical form? They are making an actual boat, and actual Titanic in the billionaire wants to rebuild the Titanic. It will be done in 2016.

TOM FUDGE: Here it says that terror strikes when the tsunami throws an iceberg into the ship's path.

KINSEE MORLAN: Yep, it's not just a iceberg they have a tsunami to and it's really terrible a should watch the trailer.

TOM FUDGE: Who is the cast?

KINSEE MORLAN: It's a good solid crew of funny dudes.

TOM FUDGE: Has it been pretty successful?

KINSEE MORLAN: Yes, they are really holding it down. It is a small venue, but very powerful.

TOM FUDGE: Laundromat candy is held in Normal Heights. Let me thank my guests. Thank you for coming in.

KINSEE MORLAN: T. Fudge, thank you man.

CLAIRE CARASKA: Always a pleasure.