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Alternate Movie Venues

June 10, 2009 12:35 p.m.

KPBS Film Critic Beth Accomando talks about alternate movie venues and film programs available this summer.

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If you’re not interested in Transformers 2 or another Sandra Bullock comedy, KPBS film critic Beth Accomando has some options for you. So Beth where would you like to start?

BETH: With a venue that's returning after overcoming some zoning issues. Topps Presents Cinema Under the Stars is holding a fundraiser tonight and then they kicks off their summer season with a pair of classics next week - Roman Holiday and Casablanca. The Ken Cinema used to run old and new film in repertory but not any more. Plus with Netflix and video on demand it’s harder to find classics on the big screen. So this outdoor venue is the perfect summer place to enjoy Bogie or Audrey.

Q: North County also has an outdoor venue Stone Brewing Co. in Escondido. What kind of films will people find there?

BETH: Yes, there's an outdoor screen in their Gardens and they favor cult classics like Office Space. But their specialty is running recent films with what’s known as a Rifftrax. It’s a comic audio commentary that can be downloaded and it’s by Michael J. Nelson, one of the head writers from Mystery Science Theater 3000. So here’s how Iron Man in battle will sound next week when it screens at Stone Brewing Co.
CLIP Iron Man Rifftrax

Q: That sounds like fun if you like your films tampered with. Are there any places for people who want a movie late night?

BETH: Yes, I love midnight screenings. And anyone born or raised in the 80s will probably enjoy the Midnight Movie series at the Landmark La Jolla Village Theaters. It's mostly films from the 80s that twenty and thritysomethings might feel nostalgia for. I'm looking forward to Ghostbusters and The Muppet Movie. But this Saturday at midnight they'll be showing The Goonies. Although it's not a favorite of mine it's worth seeing for the early appearances by Josh Brolin, recently in No Country for Old Men, and Sean Astin, Sam in Lord of the Rings. They were so young and silly and with bad 80s hair.

Q: But is there also something for the more serious film aficionado, who might want to talk about the films they are seeing?

BETH: Definitely. The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego in La Jolla will be showcasing work from Iranian-American visual artist/filmmaker Shirin Neshat with a Q&A with the director. And I'll be hosting a screening of Happy Go Lucky on June 20 at the Central Library downtown as part of the Media Art Center's free Digital Cinema Showcase. And the best thing about the library screenings is they are free. So there's lots to choose from.