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Culture Lust LogoCulture Lust

San Diego Jazz Great Daniel Jackson Dead At 77

Daniel Jackson, saxophonist, pianist, composer, and music teacher with a decades long career in the San Diego jazz scene, died Wednesday of a prolonged illness.

The Wild True Tale Behind La Jolla Playhouse's 'Ether Dome'

The La Jolla Playhouse’s new play "Ether Dome" shows how ambition, betrayal and drugs played a part in the discovery of anesthesia, which changed the course of medical history.

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Cinema Junkie LogoCinema Junkie

Commedia Dell'arte And The Roots Of Slapstick

Chronos Theater Offers Four-Day Workshop On 16th Century Comic Technique

Chronos Theatre Group is dedicated to connecting modern audiences with works from around the world and through time. KPBS arts reporter Beth Accomando previews a workshop on commedia dell’arte to find out how a 16th century Italian comedy style connects with people in the new millennium.

'The Babadook' Tackles Childhood Fears And More

The Perfect Holiday Gift For Horror Fans
Lead photo 'The Babadook' Tackles Childhood Fears And More

If you’ve had all the holiday cheer you can take, then how about a dose of atmospheric Australian horror with “The Babdook” (opening Dec. 19 at the Digital Gym Cinema).

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Political Fix LogoPolitical Fix

Are Recall Elections Worth the Expense?

The city of Oceanside just went through a special election which cost the taxpayers half a million dollars. This is not chump change for a city facing a $10 million budget shortfall over the next two years and facing contract negotiations with the Oceanside Firefighters Association.

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Comic-Con LogoComic-Con

Comic-Con 2014: A Crossplay Haven

San Diego's Comic-Con weakens the knees of nerds, geeks, TV addicts and comic enthusiasts around the globe. But the event also makes waves as a premier venue for costume play — or "cosplay." Some players even venture beyond their own gender to thrill attendees. And I found them.

Outdoor Fun at Comic-Con 2014

Taking A Leap Of Faith

Comic-Con's outdoor events help to draw some of the more than 125,000 attendees away from the crowded exhibit hall.

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