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Culture Lust LogoCulture Lust

San Diego Jazz Great Daniel Jackson Dead At 77

Daniel Jackson, saxophonist, pianist, composer, and music teacher with a decades long career in the San Diego jazz scene, died Wednesday of a prolonged illness.

The Wild True Tale Behind La Jolla Playhouse's 'Ether Dome'

The La Jolla Playhouse’s new play "Ether Dome" shows how ambition, betrayal and drugs played a part in the discovery of anesthesia, which changed the course of medical history.

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Cinema Junkie LogoCinema Junkie

Death Café: Tea And Cake Make Death More Palatable

Group Meets To Discuss Death, Dying, And Life

San Diego has more than a dozen Death Cafés where people get together to talk about death. If you think that sounds morbid, think again.

Film Review: 'Pieces of Lives, Pieces of Dreams'

Documentary Screening At 3rd Annual San Diego Arab Film Festival
Lead photo Film Review: 'Pieces of Lives, Pieces of Dreams'

The Algerian documentary, "Pieces of Lives, Pieces of Dreams," screening at the Third San Diego Arab Film Festival this week, celebrates art as a way of resistance.

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Political Fix LogoPolitical Fix

Are Recall Elections Worth the Expense?

The city of Oceanside just went through a special election which cost the taxpayers half a million dollars. This is not chump change for a city facing a $10 million budget shortfall over the next two years and facing contract negotiations with the Oceanside Firefighters Association.

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Comic-Con LogoComic-Con

Comic-Con 2014: A Crossplay Haven

San Diego's Comic-Con weakens the knees of nerds, geeks, TV addicts and comic enthusiasts around the globe. But the event also makes waves as a premier venue for costume play — or "cosplay." Some players even venture beyond their own gender to thrill attendees. And I found them.

Outdoor Fun at Comic-Con 2014

Taking A Leap Of Faith

Comic-Con's outdoor events help to draw some of the more than 125,000 attendees away from the crowded exhibit hall.

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