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Nov. 18, 2008
By Citizen Voices

Three elections. A new president. Same-sex marriage rights granted
and taken away. It's been quite a year. And the Citizen Voices contributors have
blogged their way through it all with great aplomb and candor.

Nov. 11, 2008
By Citizen Voices

What can I say about the election? & The candidate I (reluctantly) voted for in the Presidential race won. & The majority of the people of California then turned away from his message of change and hope and voted to make me an official second-class citizen of my native ...

Nov. 10, 2008
By Citizen Voices

The November end of this year's presidential and local
elections has taught me that playing well with others is a lesson worth
learning, both in preschool and in politics. &
And while we make progress, more political, ideological, and even
spiritual struggles motivate voters into activism. &

Nov. 7, 2008
By Citizen Voices

I am reminded of another beautiful black family from Chicago that I
came to love around 30 years ago in a rerun. & James, Florida, JJ,
Willona, Michael and, when we were lucky, Penny too. Specifically, I
remember the

Nov. 7, 2008
By Citizen Voices

But every celebration must end, and now the work begins.
Obama has inherited two wars, a shredded national economy, a climate in
absolute peril, and a nation divided by years of political polarization.

Nov. 5, 2008
By Citizen Voices

You have spoken of post-partisanship and a post-racial society. Many
(including myself) are concerned that your record shows otherwise, and
that there is little to no precedent suggesting a desire to find middle
ground between your own positions (often to the left of left) and those
of the right ...

Nov. 5, 2008
By Citizen Voices

I've had woodpecker fever all week. I've been putting knuckles through Ikea tabletops for days. If you mention Obama, I'm looking to knock some wood. All signs look good, the polls are positive and - knock, knock, knock - Yes We Can!

Nov. 4, 2008
By Citizen Voices

I have that moment of panic when the poll worker can't find
my name... It happens every time and it always ignites a flash of paranoia... Could I
have somehow screwed up and not registered correctly? &

Nov. 4, 2008
By Citizen Voices

Election Day's all about the fuzzy slippers this time around. & I actually voted last week, so today I'm at my desk and watching the rain through the office window while my feet stay dry and warm . & It's not that I'm not doing anything election-related today - ...

Nov. 4, 2008
By Citizen Voices

When asked the seemingly benign question, "What does this election mean to you?" I have trouble giving an uplifting answer. I'm sure a lot of voters (

Nov. 3, 2008
By Citizen Voices

Oct. 31, 2008
By Citizen Voices

No matter which end of the political spectrum, I found that
people seemed to select their candidate, mostly based on their perceived belief
system. & By that I mean that they
say what their & "tribe"
collectively has deemed appropriate.

Oct. 30, 2008
By Citizen Voices

In case you didn't catch it, here's

Oct. 30, 2008
By Citizen Voices

But with a Democrat majority in Congress and a sympathetic president,

Oct. 28, 2008
By Citizen Voices

Never mind the facts (Obama did not invent the progressive income
tax.) Never mind an opportunity to have an intelligent debate over the
role of government in our lives and our economy. What is capitalism?
What is socialism? Can the two co-exist? Do they already? Was the New
Deal ...