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San Diego's City Budget

Everything you need to follow the news and understand what's in the city of San Diego's fiscal 2016 budget.

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Budget Coverage

Mayor Faulconer Signs Into Law San Diego's $3.2B Budget

The spending plan — which was unanimously approved by the City Council on Monday after the panel made a few tweaks — envisions spending 7 percent more money than the current fiscal year, thanks to improving revenue projections.

San Diego's $3.2 Billion Budget Approved By City Council

The new budget gave a boost to arts and cultures programs and San Diego libraries.

Alvarez Calls For Additional $1M For San Diego Arts Programs

Councilman David Alvarez called Wednesday on Mayor Kevin Faulconer to add $1 million to support San Diego's arts and culture programs in his budget proposal, which will be considered for adoption by the City Council next week.

San Diego Rec Centers, Libraries, Parks See Boost In Mayor's Revised Budget

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer's "May Revise" is out following a series of public hearings on the budget and better revenue projections.

San Diego Cabbies Oppose Downtown Shuttle

The on-demand shuttle would pick up downtown residents and visitors for little or no cost. But taxi drivers spoke out against the plan at a budget hearing.

San Diegans Favor Parks, Libraries In Upcoming Budget

For nearly 2½ hours Monday night, community members shared their thoughts on San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer's proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

City Council Reviews Proposed Budget For Civic San Diego

The City Council Thursday scrutinized the proposed budget of Civic San Diego for the fiscal year that begins July 1, amid growing concerns over the scope of the agency's powers.

San Diego Council Members Support Increase To Library Funding

A bipartisan group of City Council members expressed support for increasing the San Diego library system's fund for acquiring books and audio/visual materials, which was reduced in Mayor Kevin Faulconer's proposed spending plan.

San Diego City Council Looks At Personnel Challenge As Budget Hearings Begin

The challenge of hiring 424 new employees in the fiscal year that begins July 1 was highlighted Monday as the San Diego City Council started five days of public hearings to scrutinize Mayor Kevin Faulconer's proposed budget.

San Diego City Council To Begin Budget Hearings This Week

The City Council on Monday will begin five days of public hearings to scrutinize Mayor Kevin Faulconer's proposed budget for the fiscal year that starts July 1.

San Diego Rolls Out Interactive Online Budget Tool

The tool at allows users to gather information about the 2015-16 spending plan by clicking on pie charts or viewing tables.

Budget Analyst: Faulconer's Proposed Budget Is 'Good News' For San Diegans

New report raises concerns about infrastructure, new city jobs

A new report out this week shows Mayor Kevin Faulconer's proposed fiscal 2016 city budget has plenty to offer San Diegans, but points to some future areas of concern.

San Diego City Council Responds Positively To Faulconer's Proposed Budget

The $3.2 billion spending plan, which would take effect July 1, includes funding for the repair of 300 miles of streets.

Mayor Faulconer Proposes $3.2 Billion Budget For San Diego

Mayor Kevin Faulconer is also proposing to expand operating hours at the city's 16 busiest recreation centers from 45 to 60 hours a week.

San Diegans: What Would You Change In Your City's Budget?

In advance of Mayor Kevin Faulconer's budget proposal, KPBS asked people from across the city where they want to see the city spend more and less money.

Budget Terms Defined

General Fund: Money from property tax, sales tax and other taxes and fees used to pay for most of the services the city provides.

Capital Improvement Program: Money to fix up or improve the city’s buildings, parks, landfills and wastewater and transportation systems.

Internal Service Funds: money used to pay for services provided by one city department to another city department. For example, printing services and vehicle maintenance.

Enterprise Funds: Services like water, sewer, trash, recycling and airports that are paid for by user fees. These funds are supposed to not require any additional money from the city.

Capital Project Funds: used to acquire or build major projects like buildings, parks, libraries and transportation and storm water systems.

Debt Service and Tax Funds: Used to pay down the Series 1991 General Obligation Bonds for Public Safety Communication Project and to pay for General Fund Tax and Revenue Anticipation Notes. The General Obligation Bonds were issued in 1991 to fund communication equipment for fire and police. The Tax and Revenue Anticipation Notes, or TRANS, is money leant to the city to hold it over until property tax revenues come through from the county.

Special Revenue Funds: money collected for specific purposes, like the Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) or the Gas Tax. The TOT is the tax collected on hotel rooms, campgrounds, hostels and other places visitors to San Diego stay. The Gas Tax is the city's share of the tax on the sale of gasoline.