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Follow The Money

Election Campaign Financing

Here's an in-depth look at the 2012 election's campaign finance. With the San Diego primary election less than a month away, KPBS with partner Investigative Newsource has collaborated to provide insight on finance law and keep track of the raising and spending of campaign cash. Investigative Newsource has put together an occasional series, Follow The Money, to help you understand and track local campaign finance.

Super PACs Spending Big, Spending Negative In Congressional Race

National Super PACs have thrown more than $4 million into the 52nd Congressional District race. Most of the cash has been spent on negative ads.

Local ‘Super PACs’ Making Major Statement In San Diego Mayor’s Race

San Diego mayoral candidate Bob Filner might be leading in the polls, but he is still behind his opponent Carl DeMaio when it comes to campaign fundraising.

Outside Donors Fuel Prop. Opponents, Fund Mayoral Hopefuls

If all politics is local, all fundraising isn’t. Councilman Carl DeMaio headed north to Orange County last week to raise money for his mayoral campaign in San Diego.

DeMaio Has Fundraising Lead In Mayor's Race

Councilman Carl DeMaio outspent and outraised Congressman Bob Filner in the primary election for San Diego mayor, but pro-Filner forces are lining up to make the runoff in November competitive and expensive.

Campaign Mailers: A Tricky Business

Why would a Republican candidate appear on a campaign flier that endorses a Democratic President? The Investigations Desk takes a closer look at why Gary Kreep appears on campaign mailers with Barack Obama. Kreep, who won his race for Superior Court Judge, has serious doubts about whether Obama is a U.S. citizen.

DeMaio Spends Big On Own Campaign, Super PACs Start Raising Cash For Mayoral Candidates

Two candidates for San Diego mayor have each raised more than $1 million so far, underscoring that this is a high stakes, high money contest. And it’s only the primary.

Business Groups, Builders And Labor Battle Over Propositions

Supporters of the proposition to reform the City of San Diego’s pension system have outspent the opposition committees more than six to one according to the most recent financial statements filed with the City Clerk.

Bilbray’s Legislative Machine: Money, Support Surrounds Algae Bills

Big money has been pouring into the Congressional race for San Diego’s 52nd district since its boundaries were redrawn and it suddenly became wide open territory.

Hoteliers, Hospitality Industry Back DeMaio Over Other Candidates

Councilman Carl DeMaio strongly supports the convention center expansion and the hotel tax that will fund it. In turn, he’s attracting the financial support of local hoteliers, caterers and event planners in his bid for mayor.

Follow The Money: Non-Monetary Campaign Donations

In the latest installment of the “Follow the Money” series, we examined the details behind what candidates can accept in contributions other than cash.

Follow The Money: Campaign Disclosures

This is the time of year that voters start finding their mailboxes stuffed with campaign mailers, and their phones start ringing with campaign polls and robocalls. Campaign committees do have to abide with specific regulations when it comes to telling voters exactly who’s behind those fliers and phone calls.

Follow The Money: Donation Limits

It’s not a free-for-all when candidates raise campaign cash in San Diego. Limits on donations are carefully governed by the San Diego Ethics Commission. Candidates and committees must abide by the rules, or they could face fines.

Follow The Money: Self-Financing A Campaign

Candidates in some of San Diego’s most contested elections have already loaned and donated to their campaign large sums of money. Self-loans and donations are good ways to increase a campaign’s bottom line, but there’s key differences between the two practices.

PACs Playing Major Role In Congressional Fundraising

As the June primary nears, candidates running for federal office in the 52nd and 51st Congressional Districts are drumming up support for their campaigns.