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The Medea Hypothesis

FREE Lecture with Peter Ward, Ph.D., Explore The Medea Hypothesis, a new book by renowned paleontologist Peter Ward, Ph.D. that proposes a revolutionary and provocative vision of life’s relationship with the Earth’s biosphere, one that has frightening implications for our future and yet, also offers hope. Using the latest discoveries from the geological record, Ward argues that life might be its own worst enemy.

This stands in stark contrast to James Lovelock’s Gaia hypothesis—the idea that life sustains habitable conditions on earth. In answer to Gaia, which draws on the idea of the “good mother” who nurtures life, Ward invokes Medea, the mythical mother who killed her own children. Could life by its very nature threaten its own existence?

Reservation required. Reserved theater seating with ticket guaranteed until 6:15 PM; Online tickets are available for future dates; same-day tickets available only at the Museum. Call 619.255.0203.

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ADVERTISEMENT | Become a sponsor today!