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Peace and Prosperity Through Trade and Commerce: "Increasing Marketshare, Changing Lives"

The Ahlers Center for International Business at the University of San Diego and World Trade Center San Diego will host the second annual Summit on Peace and Prosperity through Trade and Commerce entitled “Increasing Market Share through Social Branding” on May 29, 2009.

This is the century of fast communications, where symbols transform ideas and behaviors in ways unimagined in the not-so-distant past. Today, universally renowned companies are no longer satisfied with brands that only represent financial success, product quality, or process efficiency. Instead, firms also want to be recognized for their creativity and commitment to developing initiatives for poverty alleviation, addressing social problems, and environmental sustainability. Those initiatives often include labels with environmental or social resonance, which distinguish products and processes as well as marketing campaigns. These labels become emblems of innovations and achievements in the triple bottom
line. Images of “caring businesses” have ripple effects across the globe mobilizing resources to solve problems such as the AIDS/HIV epidemic in Africa, conflict timber in Russia, and deforestation in the Amazon.

This conference addresses the changes companies undergo as they bind themselves, in action and symbolically, to causes seeking to create a better world. Presentations will focus on initiatives seeking to achieve positive, long-lasting economic, social, and environmental impacts.

Presentation Topics and Speakers Include:

In this time of increasing competitiveness can social branding be successful in differentiating a company?

How can social branding be successful in developing a deeper connection to stakeholders (investors, customers, employees, local community, etc.)?

Can a brand have social as well as economic value?

Can social branding really increase the triple bottom line (people, planet, profits) or is it a passing fad?

The Value of Social Labels

- Liz Goodgold, CEO, The Nuancing Group
The Impact of Social Branding: Entrepreneurial Endeavors

-Jake Kloberdanz, Founder, Hope Wine
Invitation extended to TOMs Shoes

-Julie Cordua, VP Marketing, Product (RED)
Innovative Incentives of Social Branding

-Ben Edwards, Product Director, Converse
New Directives of Big Businesses: Sustainable and Ethical Supply Chain

-Dennis Macray, Director of Ethical Sourcing and Global Responsibility, Starbucks

-Priya Haji, CEO & Co-founder, World of Good Inc.
Towards a New Business Ethos

-Richard Feinberg, APEC Study Center Director, UCSD

Dates and times of events are subject to change without notice. Always check the event organizer's website for the most updated schedule before attending.


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