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Distinction Presents 'Jest In Time: The Phylogenesis Of Clowns', An Auction Fundraiser For ArtHatch

Distinction is pleased to announce our partnership with ArtHatch on our upcoming exhibition "Jest In Time:The Phylogenesis of Clowns” co-curated with Dio Sumagaysay that will run from from August 14 - September 4, 2010. The exhibition will feature 36 artists from around the world creating pieces centered around the theme of the sized 12 x 12 inches or smaller.

The exhibition will be auction style with all pieces starting at $100. Bidders will have the opportunity to take their chances and bid on the piece, for $100 or higher, or purchase the piece for the "buy it now" price stated by the artist. Artist will receive 50% of sales price and Distinction will donate its 50% to ArtHatch (a nonprofit organization).

The auction will begin with the preview (August 9) and go through the end of the exhibition, but the "buy it now" prices will end at 9:00 p.m. during the reception on August 14th. The reception with live music, beer, wine, press, and lots of art lovers will be held on August 14, from 6-11 p.m.

More Info:
ArtHatch is a multifaceted organization founded on the principles of creativity as a way of life and dedicated to being a welcoming, non-traditional venue for young, established artists to gather. ArtHatch also provides young, aspiring artists a unique environment and experiential landscape from which they can grow, learn, and blossom. Through the nurturing and specialized experience of its founders, ArtHatch is uniquely positioned to deliver an artistic panorama of young artists’ work to society, thus enriching this arts loving community with the gift of youthful creativity.

100% of Distinction’s profits will be donated. A portion will go towards ArtHatch activities and a portion will go towards art scholarships and funds for students at Palomar College.

Currently we are seeking sponsors to help cover the costs of the exhibition as well as promote the exhibition. At the time we have commitment from Scion and Wien's Family Cellars. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please contact the gallery for more information.

Brian Despain, Ana Bagayan, Pedro Matos, Michael Mararian, Michael Brown, Jana Brike, Henry Gunderson aka Blud Bath, Bjorn Calleja, Buddy Nestor, Jessica Ward, Edward Coronel, Jenna Colby, Jonathan Bergeron Crap, Bryan Cunningham, Arabella Proffer, Dan Barry, Luis Lorenzana, Josh Taylor, Andy Haynes, Aaron Jasinski, Tiffany Liu, Isaac Bushkin, Jon Todd, Timothy Vermeulen, Maria Imaginario, Daniel Lim, Bonnie Durham, Scott Rohlfs, Gary MacCauley, Jacub Gagnon, Denise Bledsoe, Brenda York, Michael Stacy, Brett Hess, Martin Witfooth, Alex Willan


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Exterior shot of Distinction Gallery, located at 317 East...

Above: Exterior shot of Distinction Gallery, located at 317 East Grand Avenue, Escondido, CA 92025.


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