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Birch Aquarium At Scripps Unveils New ‘SEA Days’ Program

Visitors to Birch Aquarium's SEA Days enjoy hands-on exploration. Discover Science, Exploration & Adventure!

Above: Visitors to Birch Aquarium's SEA Days enjoy hands-on exploration. Discover Science, Exploration & Adventure!

Experience Science, Exploration and Adventure for all ages through a new program at Birch Aquarium at Scripps.

SEA Days features multi-generational learning about cutting-edge Scripps Institution of Oceanography research. Monthly events focus on current ocean topics with hands-on exploration, special activities and a chance to interact with Scripps Oceanography scientists.

SEA Days also provides an ideal venue for students, scouts and others to meet requirements for “Interview a Scientist” or career-day projects.

Programs are included with aquarium admission and take place from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. on the third Saturday of each month. Join us for these dynamic opportunities to explore the ocean!

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On Saturday, June 19: Fish Diversity
There’s more than just one fish, two fish, red fish and blue fish in the sea. The ocean is home to more than 28,000 species of fish, and roughly 200 new species are discovered each year. Learn about the diversity of fish with hands-on activities, meet Scripps scientists studying fish and make a recycled fish craft to take home.

On Saturday, July 17: Save Our Sharks
Sharks, the amazing predators of our seas, are quickly vanishing from the ocean. Uncover the truth about these predators-turned-prey and learn what you can do to help protect them. Enhance your knowledge of these spectacular fish and their amazing adaptations through hands-on activities, live shark encounters and interactions with Scripps scientists. Learn about the sharks that live in San Diego waters and the current threats that face sharks in the world’s oceans. This event is part of Shark Week 2010, which runs July 17-23.

On Saturday, Aug. 21: Plankton Planet
The tiny copepod, a cousin of lobsters and crabs, is the fastest animal on Earth for its size. Explore some of the smallest, hardest-working plants and animals in the sea – plankton! Find out how we depend on phytoplankton for every breath we take, how some zooplankton grow up to be sea stars and what scientists are discovering about the tiniest creatures in the ocean.

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