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Undergraduate Research Symposium in Art History At UCSD

The conference will consist of an undergraduate presentation panel and a Q&A panel. The event will highlight the work of undergraduate honors level research and writing in Art History.

Come and learn on Friday December 3rd, 2010 at 11a.m. -3:00p.m. over at UC San Diego's Price Center West Bear Room in Sun God Lounge.

2009 Art History Honors seminar Aimée Harlib , Trang Alice Phan. And UCSD alumni Samara Kaplan, Olivera Gavrilovic, Raquel Nakoneczny, and Andrea Alvarez.

Papers topics/titles:
- "Bernini: An Enduring Moment of Transient Existence" by Olivera Gavrilovic
- "Alfred Gilbert's The Broken Shrine and Its Grotesque Realism" by Xiaoda Wang
- "Dismantling the Dominating Discourses: August - Sander and Walker Evans." by Jennifer Ruddock-Cordileone
- "The Gutai Group: A Discourse in Originality and Media" by Trang Alice Phan
- "Yves Klein's Image" by Samara Kaplan
- "A Rebut Of Vulgarism: An Awakening of Bodily Sense in The Gestures of Abstract Expressionism" by Raquel Nakoneczny
- "The Landscapes of Li Huayi: From Conventional to Contemporary." by Andrea Alvarez
- "Yasumasa Morimura: Performing the Image" by Aimee Harlib

Location: University of California, San Diego at 200 W Arbor Dr, San Diego, CA 92103. Google Maps.


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