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CineCucina: A Magical Night OF Film & Food

The San Diego Italian Film Festival presents CineCucina, a magical evening of film & food. Chef, author and filmmaker Jessica Theroux will present Cooking with Italian Grandmothers and a short documentary.

“The women profiled in my book are keepers of Italy’s rich culinary traditions. In their hands, food became a gentle language that communicated love, place, work, generosity and identity.”

Following Jessica and her short film, SDIFF will show Ermanno Olmi’s glorious celebration of viniculture in Valtellina, Rupi del vino", 2009. Olmi calls this work heroic, and his visual poetry sings to us an epic song of local food culture in this region.

Location: Steve and Mary Birch, North Park Theater, 2891 University Avenue, Suite 1, San Diego, CA 92104 Google Map

Video of the "Rupi del Vino" trailer.

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