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Mexican Drug Cartels: Violence, Corruption & Effects On The U.S.

Ms. Anabel Hernandez is an award-winning Mexican journalist and mother of two young children who is receiving death threats from the Mexican government and Mexican drug cartels. She wrote "Los Señores del Narco" in 2010 which outlines connections between Mexican drug cartels and top Mexican politicians, military, police, industrialists and bankers.

According to Ms. Hernández the Mexican government is protecting the Sinaloa cartel, the largest in Mexico, and is attacking rival cartels. Huge bribes are given to military and police officials to garner their support and protection of drug smuggling. Opposing cartels, particularly the Zetas, are enraged that the government is targeting them while protecting the Sinaloa cartel and this has led to much of the bloodbath that is presently occurring in Mexico.

All of this can only occur with the cooperation and support of the CIA, which allows the cartels to flood the United States with cocaine, meth and other drugs.

The program begins at 6:00 PM on November 3, 2011 at ENS 280 located at the San Diego State University campus. Anabel’s presentation will be prefaced with a history of CIA criminal activities since 1947, including support of drug smuggling, by Associate Professor Jesús Nieto, and there will be a Q&A after Anabel Hernandez’s presentation.

San Diego State University (ENS 280 is located right behind Don Powell Theater across from the Music Building): Google Map.

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Graphic cover of the book titled "Los Señores del Narco" ...

Above: Graphic cover of the book titled "Los Señores del Narco" by Anabel Hernandez


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