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The New Children's Museum Birthday Bash Featuring Machine Project

Visitors to New Children's Museum (NCM) have been both delighted and surprised by the Cash Machine, a creative engineering feat designed and installed by Los Angeles-based artist collective, Machine Project.

This fundraising device, some say a cross between a drive up bank teller and a vacuum cleaner, literally comes to life when a visitor makes a contribution. Now, the amazing minds that brought NCM the Cash Machine return to take over the galleries, studios, and park for a celebration of trash, music and NCM's 4th birthday!

Birthday bash party-goers can experience a day of listening, building, and performing with sound projects based on trash and recycling, and work alongside artists, scientists, musicians and engineers to create original musical compositions. Kids of all ages can perform in a music ensemble made from obsolete computers, build contact microphones and turn trash cans into electric drums.

Machine Project will transform the entire Museum into a percussion device! Highlights include:

Waste Wind Chimes: This instrument building workshop lets you create beautiful sounding wind chimes from trash materials that can be played individually or in chorus with others. NCM's outdoor patio will resound with the clinking and clanging of this collective wind chime sculpture.

Tin Can Phone Tap: Talk, sing, or laugh with a friend in this giant game of telephone that sends your voice across the Museum's galleries! You can even record your voice over the line, and hear it played back on the Cricket Wireless Lower Level.

Computer Stethoscope: Discover the strange sounds hidden inside discarded electronics. Visitors will use stethoscopes to perform a sound analysis and explore outdated technology.

Parental Den of Child Catharsis: Relax in the parental den and listen to the remixed sound-scapes of trash music played by children in the galleries.

In addition to Machine Project's performances and workshops, play NCM-style birthday party games in the Museum's park! Participate in a free fun-filled lineup to win special prizes.

Museum Musical Chairs: Dance around to live music and play NCM's super-sized musical chairs!

Break the Cake: Piñata Party: Take a swing at NCM's artist-made piñata!

Chalk Mural: Can you draw with your eyes closed? Enjoy NCM's rendition of —pin the tail on the donkey.? Collaborate on a massive birthday-party chalk mural, and draw birthday candles to "pin the candle on the cake!"

Dates and times of events are subject to change without notice. Always check the event organizer's website for the most updated schedule before attending.

Promotional image of The New Children's Museum maze, loca...

Above: Promotional image of The New Children's Museum maze, located inside the museum.


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