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Five Centuries Of European Art & Music


  • WHEN Tuesday, May 22, 2012 at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, May 29, 2012 at 7:30 p.m.
  • WHERE Athenaeum Music & Arts Library, 1008 Wall Street, La Jolla, CA
    Map | Website
  • AGES All ages
  • COST $19 - $85

Music & Art Lecture-Concert Series- Victoria Martino with the Musica Pro Arte Ensemble

In this five-part series, the audience journeys through five centuries of European art and music as Ms. Martino, using PowerPoint images juxtaposed with live musical performance, examines the factors that caused significant stylistic shifts in Europe's cultural development. The first two nights feature an original Baroque violin and custom-built continuo pipe organ; the last three, piano and modern violin.

May 1st: The Renaissance
The Renaissance era marked a rebirth of interest in antiquity, the rise of humanism, and a revival in the production of art for its own sake. With the advent of new printing techniques, works of music and art (as well as literature) were disseminated widely throughout Europe.

May 8th: The Baroque
The Baroque era was a period of lavish opulence and unusual extravagance throughout the courts of Europe, with an emphasis on sensuality. Even the religious art and music of the time were characterized by great emotional intensity.

May 15th: Enlightenment, Rococo and Neoclassicism
The late eighteenth century was a period of great upheaval in politics, social mores, and culture. The rational philosophy of enlightenment was mirrored in the arts by strict laws of balance and restraint; avid pursuit of pleasure by the aristocracy reflected in the frivolous delights of the Rococo; classical ideals and historical references used in the agenda of revolution and power struggles.

May 22nd: Romanticism, Realism, and Impressionism
The dawn of nineteenth century saw the rise of nationalism, manifested in the arts by the appropriation of folk elements and strongly delineated regional styles as an expression of cultural identity. The emergence of the bourgeois class and a new emphasis on materialism created a seemingly insatiable market for secular art and music. As industrialization began to sweep through Europe, the creative fantasy and idealism of romanticism gave way to realism, with its focus on urban life and social emancipation. A heightened awareness and appreciation of nature led to the experimental techniques and subject matter of Impressionism.

May 29th: Fin de Siècle, Modernism, and Postmodernism
Artists and composers from all over Europe flocked to the great cultural centers of Paris, Vienna, and Berlin during the golden age of the fin de siècle, ushering in the birth of modernism. The turmoil and destruction of the First World War and the Russian revolution intensified the need for new modes of expression in the arts. In the wake of the Second World War, a new sense of global identity resulted in an unprecedented cross-fertilization of artistic styles and ideas, leading to the eclecticism of postmodernism.

Ticket Information: Series of five lecture-concerts- $85/110 Individual lecture-concert: $19/24

Location: Athenaeum Music & Arts Library 1008 Wall Street La Jolla, CA 92037 Google Maps

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Exterior image of Athenaeum Music & Arts Library.

Above: Exterior image of Athenaeum Music & Arts Library.


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