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'The Song Is Ended' By Bruno Leone

The Athenaeum is pleased to present "The Song Is Ended," a special musical and educational performance by musician and storyteller Bruno Leone.

The Golden Age of American popular music had all but ended by the 1960s. With the advent of Rock ‘n’ Roll, the music of Gershwin, Porter, Berlin, Rodgers, Kern, Styne, and dozens of others was no longer being written.

Pianist, humorist, and storyteller Bruno Leone will play, sing, and chat his way through those golden years, highlighting the top hits from that era and explaining precisely why, as Irving Berlin wrote in 1927, "The Song Is Ended" (but the Melody Lingers On). His performance will feature not only melodies, lyrics, and stories of America’s musical elite, but also those whose names are forgotten but whose songs linger on, haunting our memories of those years.

About Bruno Leone:
Bruno Leone combines his dazzling mastery of the piano with the art of storytelling to create a variety of shows with enormous appeal to people of all ages. He studied piano and began his musical career in the 1950s in New York City. Although he later went on to earn undergraduate and graduate degrees in history and began teaching at the university level, he has continued performing throughout the United States. In fact, a feature article in the San Diego Union-Tribune praised Mr. Leone’s remarkable skill of “combining the classroom with the concert hall to create musical stories that actually enliven his audience.” He has accompanied such greats as Mel Torme and Billy Daniels and has five recordings to his name, including Pure Broadway, Pure Cinema, Pure Romance, Pure Classics, and Pure Christmas, with each of his CDs featuring an original piano composition by Mr. Leone. His CDs are available on

Location: Athenaeum Music & Arts Library, 1008 Wall St, La jolla, CA 92037 Google Maps

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Exterior image of Athenaeum Music & Arts Library.

Above: Exterior image of Athenaeum Music & Arts Library.


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