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Senior Monday Lecture It’s All About Orbits & IMAX® film 'Hubble'

Speaker John Nickel explains what's going on with the objects that restlessly circle our solar neighborhood (and beyond!) and shares some fun and often amazing facts about the night sky—both the things we see every day but might never have really thought about, as well as those rare special events that are worth getting up early for!

John has been a trainer and presenter for the American Cancer Society for 25 years. Teaching and astronomy have always been his passions and, over the years, he has been a science and astronomy guest speaker to a number of local schools and groups.

The first Monday of the month, seniors 65+ enjoy the Science Center exhibits, a lecture and a Giant Dome Theater show at a discount! Noon lecture; 2PM theater show; $7-

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Location: Ruben H. Fleet Science Center 1875 El Prado, San Diego, CA Google Map

Graphic logo of the Ruben H. Fleet Science Center.

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