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San Diego Italian Film Festivale GALA

The excitement, the flavors, the whirl of sensations of the SDIFF Gala are now a renowned feature of the annual festival. While everyone who joins in knows they are giving to a great cause, they come because it is also a fabulous party.

Italian bounty, Italian hospitality, and the constant dance of sensations and stories make this party more than a night to remember – it makes this a legend for those who join in. And joining in means making your San Diego Italian Film Festival able to bring in even more great movies and events you want to see here in San Diego.

The festival has reached out to Italy to bring its best to you. Every event in the festival leads to the gala where all the elements of Italian joy and celebration find their best expression in your giving and your enjoyment. For all the fantasies you have of these delights, they find their best expression in this night that feeds senses, soul and mind.

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Location: Museum of Photographic Arts, 1649 El Prado San Diego, CA 92101 Google Map

Dates and times of events are subject to change without notice. Always check the event organizer's website for the most updated schedule before attending.

Image of people attending the 2012 SDIFF Gala. ©2012 SONN...

Above: Image of people attending the 2012 SDIFF Gala. ©2012 SONNY D. MARCYAN


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