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Permaculture Design & Empowerment Retreat


  • WHEN Multiple dates from Sep 21 - Oct 6, 2013[days & times]
  • WHERE The Emerald Village, 1760 Little Gopher Canyon Road Vista, CA 92084
  • AGES All ages
  • COST $875 - $1400

A Permaculture and Self-Empowerment journey that will change your life! This sixteen day course combines all the elements of the internationally recognized Permaculture Design Certification curriculum with an infusion of empowerment techniques to unleash your full potential as the architect of your own abundant future.

Designed specifically to extend your edge, this intensive 16 day course will give you all the tools you will need to design a holistic life of self-actualized empowerment. Whether your goal is to cultivate food security for inner-city families, become a leader on international aid projects, shift global consciousness or just lead a healthier, happier life, this course was designed for you!

Set within the pristine valley of Vista, California, Emerald Village located at 1760 Little Gopher Canyon Road Vista, CA 92084 (Google Maps) is a thriving intentional community founded on the principles of mutual support, earth stewardship and the celebration of life.

About the Course
The Permaculture Design & Empowerment Course (PDEC) is designed to help you create a regenerative point of view and way of being on all levels. We will apply the principles, ethics and techniques of permaculture design to how we think and interact with the world and our local community, as well as how we go about cultivating a holistically expanding and rewarding definition of self.

Vision mapping
Trust cultivation
Pattern recognition
Peak experience
Earthwork artistry
Integrative Design
Natural building
Water systems
Food forestry
Soil building
Paradigm shifting tactics

Personal Permaculture: Permaculture is about observing all of the elements in play to help co-create a system of regenerative harmony. To be able to do this for our local and world communities to the best of our ability, we need to be able to do this for ourselves first. This course will give you tools to help you balance your body, mind, emotions, and energy. Once we have created a safe space we will use affirmations, empowerment techniques, and indigenous rites of passage to push us through our growth zone, and give us unique and powerful opportunities to learn about ourselves. In addition we will practice non-violent communication, neuro-linguistic programming, and progressive vision mapping to help us define our goals and dreams and lay out the steps to implement and achieve them.

Community Permaculture: Permaculture is all about being on a team. A harmony of all elements involved. Through team building exercises, ropes course challenges, shared daily community responsibilities and team design projects we will hone our social permaculture "aikido". In this way we learn where our greatest strengths lie within a team and how to recognize, celebrate, and enhance the strengths of others. Through learning the elements which create a happy and regenerative flow within our micro-communities we get a clearer picture of what steps we can take to move towards a regenerative existence on a world scale.

World Permaculture: This is a very special time in the history of earth and the human race. By shifting our individual and community energies to more regenerative and holistic patterns we have the opportunity to shift our global awareness to a more healthy paradigm. With the abundance of resources and technologies available at this age our ability to build bridges between all of the living systems of our planet has never been greater. We can only do it with all of us.

“This Permaculture Design Course was more than I could have asked for. Expectations surpassed. I hold more hope for our species now than ever before, while truly grasping the gravity of the situation. Thank you!”
~ Jonathan Horstmann, Co-Founder of Food is Free Project

"Activities were spectacular. The movement and energy was amazing throughout. Overall, I could not have asked for a better class and wonderful people to share it with!"
~ Adam Russell, Founder of Upcycle Organics

Tailored to engage students at any level of experience, and enriched with practical hands-on activities, the PDEC will cover all the topics required for a Permaculture Design Certification and provide a solid foundation to practice permaculture at home or a platform to launch yourself into international aid projects abroad.

Your experience will begin Saturday morning at 7:00am on the 21st of September. Each day starts with a light breakfast followed by an hour of hands-on farm & garden experience. From 9 to 9:30am there is a short review of the previous days' lessons and at 9:30am the first session begins. Each day there are a total of four 1.5 hour sessions separated by a 30 minute break and a 1.5 hour lunch. Lunch break starts at 1pm and runs until 2:30 for the start of the afternoon sessions. The day ends at 6pm and is followed by inspiring evening sessions from 7:30 to 9pm. Saturday, Sept. 28th is a day for relaxation and reflection before reengaging the life altering fun on Sept 29th.

Get in sync with the rhythm of the earth by camping under the pepper tree or near the creek running behind the property. Please bring your own camping and sleeping gear. Outdoor showers and toilet facilities (both indoor and port-o-potty) will be available for your use.

If you are planning to camp, please arrive after noon on Friday, Sept 20th or before 7am on Saturday the 21st to set up.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all provided and included into the cost of the course. Although the cost of food service has been factored into the price of the course, donations (local food, praise, kindness and tips for the chefs) are encouraged, appreciated and help to insure the highest quality of food options for all.

This Permaculture Design & Empowerment Course runs over a jam packed 16 days from September 21st - October 6th. To receive a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC), participants are required to attend all 16 days of exciting hands-on and experiential learning. This $350 deposit reserves your place in the Sept 21st PDEC. Remaining course costs of $1050 are due upon the first day of the course ($1400 Total).

EVO Footage from Michaelangelo Wolfe on Vimeo.

Dates and times of events are subject to change without notice. Always check the event organizer's website for the most updated schedule before attending.

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Above: Promotional image of Permaculture Design and Empowerment Course from September 21st - October 6th, 2013.


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