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Mobile Learning Presentation With Jenz Johnson

Jenz Johnson author of "Mobo Brain", will speak on how you can learn to use your smartphone or tablet as a second or mobile brain. He will provide easy-to-follow simple tips for everyone from students to seniors on how to make the best use of the devices that most people are now carrying with them on a regular basis.

Going on a vacation? This next talk takes you and your mobile device to new places with the help of your mobile brain. Pack the books you need. Remember what you see and do. Keep your reservations straight. Be spontaneous!

This is the third of a series of talks Johnson will be giving at libraries throughout San Diego.

This free event shows you how to maximize the power of your tablet and smartphone to act as a mobile brain freeing up your actual brain to think about and process all of the information stored on your device. You can save snippets from everything you read and view and have access to them anytime anywhere.

Instead of using the phone to duck from dinner table conversation, use your device to spice up the conversation with facts and figures. Students can learn to study and review their notes while waiting in line or riding the bus. The world is the limit with the wealth of knowledge available, if we only knew how to best utilize it.

Location: North University Community Library, 8820 Judicial Dr, San Diego, CA 92122 Google Maps

Dates and times of events are subject to change without notice. Always check the event organizer's website for the most updated schedule before attending.

Graphic cover of the book “Mobo Brain” by Jenz Johnson.

Above: Graphic cover of the book “Mobo Brain” by Jenz Johnson.


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ADVERTISEMENT | Become a sponsor today!