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50,000 And Counting: A Border Crisis Discussion With Enrique Morones And Sr. Justine Church

Promotional photo of the United Church of Christ of La Mesa.

Above: Promotional photo of the United Church of Christ of La Mesa.

Over 50,000 young Central American children have sought refugee status in the United States this year. Some are fleeing gang violence and drug trafficking, others are escaping grinding poverty or trying to reunite with family already here. Heart-wrenching photos flood TV and internet - children risking life and limb atop fast-moving trains… youngsters crammed into inadequate holding facilities… angry protestors raising signs and voices… concerned counter voices offering succor… politicians swaying in the ensuing squall. The images are vivid, the discussion heated – and prolonged.

And the children wait, caught in a seemingly endless – and excruciating - limbo.

Moved by their plight, the people of the United Church of Christ of La Mesa (UCCLM), have mobilized to seek knowledge, encourage concern and offer help and support. Following a letter-writing campaign and a visit with Rep. Susan Davis, we are ready to take the next step, one we invite you to share.

At 3:00pm, Sunday, August 17th, two people close to the situation, Enrique Morones of the Border Angels/Angeles de la Frontera and Sr. Justine Church of the Interfaith Center for Worker Justice of San Diego County, will address the issues behind the headlines – the politics and economics behind the exodus of refugees – and suggest ways in which we may respond to the refugees with both compassion and practicality. Dr. Richard L. Short will moderate the conversation.

We invite you join us in UCCLM’s Friendship Hall for this discussion. Questions welcome! The church is located at 5940 Kelton Avenue, La Mesa, CA 91942 Google Map

For more information: call 619-464-1519 or visit www.ucclm.org

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