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Sunrise Suprise Strolls At San Diego Zoo

Promotional photo of the San Diego Zoo tigers.

Above: Promotional photo of the San Diego Zoo tigers.

Experienced Zoo educators share the latest updates on our animal collection and the “inside secrets” of what’s going on, all before the Zoo opens for the day. These insider tours provide a new way to explore the Zoo for those who think they have seen it all. Talks include up-to-the-minute information about the happenings at the Zoo with animals, exhibit construction, and more.

They also include an animal presentation and, sometimes, animal enrichment opportunities. Each month is different, and it’s called Sunrise Surprise for a reason: you don’t know what you’ll see and learn until you get here!

Includes breakfast muffins and coffee at the end of the program.

2014 Schedule:
March 15, 16, and 29
April 5, 6, and 26
May 3, 4, and 31
June 7, 21, and 29
September 6, 7, and 27
October 4, 5, and 25
November 1, 22, and 23
December 6, 7, and 27

Location: San Diego Zoo, 2920 Zoo Dr, San Diego, CA 92101 Google Maps

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