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'A Moment In Time' By Michael Flohr


  • WHEN Multiple dates from Jun 20 - Jun 22, 2014[days & times]
  • WHERE Exclusive Collections Gallery, Seaport Village location: 835 West Harbor Drive, Suite AB, San Diego
  • AGES All ages
  • COST Free

Square brush strokes, carefully layered into elevated texture, capture a moment in time. It is that ability, to secure a memory on canvas, which is Michael Flohr’s gift to the world. Flohr’s art enables collectors and art aficionados to find true enjoyment without having to dissect the work. Life is composed of simple moments of beauty, intimate and precious as they arrive.

“I’m learning to slow down and smell the flowers,”
says Flohr, “and that comes from being married and having three children. I’m trying to learn from my wife to slow down and look at things closer.” And as Flohr looks closer, so do we. With his mastery of color, Flohr has been said to depict ordinary moments in extraordinary ways. Whether he paints a familiar city street or a recognizable drink, Flohr removes his subject from its normally busy landscape and presents it as a single, timeless moment.

To look upon Flohr’s work is to be transported to a place in history to relive the simplicity and sense of awe that is contained within every second and every minute of life. For Flohr, there are certain moments he looks back on, pivotal times in his career that stand out as inspiration for new paintings. There were occasions, he explains, of “having no room for failure, so I had to make it.” While the initial struggles that he encountered as a working artist remain fresh in his memory, the art of storytelling through his canvases allows his retrospective to convey the sweetness and importance of those moments in his life.

“I also want to go back in time,” Flohr adds, “and remember all the good times traveling through Europe.” Like anyone who has felt the impact of international travel, he drinks up the beauty and history found in Paris, Rome, London, and so many other iconic European cities.

Flohr does not paint what the viewer wants to see. In his countless masterpieces adorning walls throughout the world, he paints what needs to be felt. Emotion is always in the spotlight. For Flohr, art is not about price tags and accolades. He wants to invoke feeling. It’s about a glimpse in time — a special rendezvous with a lover, a restaurant outing with family, or perhaps a day at the races in Del Mar. Whatever the event, Flohr ensures it is emotion that connects collectors to his artwork.

This June, Exclusive Collections invites you to join Michael Flohr for a spectacular event at Seaport Village. After creating several small studies, Flohr saw the direction for his upcoming show. “With this new series, my paintings are more intimate vignettes of people in their environment,” he explained. “It is a bit of a departure for me. I won’t give away too much, but I am bringing in some fresh ideas to create something on a large scale.”

Location: Exclusive Collections Gallery, 835 West Harbor Drive, Suite AB, San Diego, CA 92101 Google Maps

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Promotional graphic for "A Moment In Time" by Michael Flo...

Above: Promotional graphic for "A Moment In Time" by Michael Flohr.


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