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Swing Dance Mondays In June

Swing Dance Mondays in June with Swing Dance San Diego!

Every Monday starting June 5, 7:30 - 9:30 p.m.

Swing into the Spring - Dancing is a great way to get fit, have fun, and make friends! Feel the best you can about your dancing - make it special, unique, and important. Classes with SDSD make you stand out from the crowd.

7:30 p.m. Intermediate Class Topics

Rhythms Of Swing - Once Swing Dancers get out and cut a rug on the floor they constantly combe 6-count, 8-count, ?-count figures. This class is that next step up after you have learned the basics of Jitterbug and Lindy Hop combining all the different figures and variations and adding Lindy Charleston to the mix: Side By Side Charleston, In-Line/Shadow/Back Charleston, Chase Charleston

Int Balboa
(Clips Class edition) - Combining Balboa and Bal-Swing in this class working on current trends and more complicated figures & concepts. We ask that students send in specific clips of Balboa dancing they want to work on. We will break down how to do the figures and test the true lead/follow concepts.

Musicalty - Take your dancing to a new level by learning how to dance with the music that is played. - Learn macro & micro musicality techniques as well as understanding the two main Swing Music structures.

8:30 p.m. Beginner Class Topics

Slow Dancing / Blues - Learn what to do for those slower tempo songs - how to move and move with a partner. There are some standard steps/figures that all dancers build on for slow dancing - learn these and more.

Balboa / Bal-Swing
- A SoCal original invented due to the crowded dance floors of the Swing Era. This dance is known for it's quick footwork and circular figures. The key figures for Bal-Swing are of course the basic steps/connection and the Comearound. These are essential for the Throwouts, Lollies, and Crossovers (Out and Ins) every Balboa dancer knows. We focus on these foundation moves in this Beginner Bal-Swing series.

Collegiate Shag - A 6-count dance with an aerobic basic suited for faster tempos. This dance has been gaining popularity for a few years and we'd like to keep it alive in San Diego. We like to cover the basic rhythm/connection as well as break variations, turn technique, the sailor knot and some footwork variations in the beginner series for you to build on later.

Lindy Hop - This is the grand-daddy of all Swing Era dances. The essential moves are covered in this series including the Swingout, Circle, and more.

Jitterbug - If you are brand new to dancing, this is where we usually recommend you start. The Jitterbug is a 6-count basic with moves in closed & open position including the Tuck Turn, Passes, and more.

Door Pricing:

$15/dancer for drop in for any class

***We encourage the intermediate dancers to sign up for the beginner classes as well. If you do, we will refund 50% of your payment for that class! (refunds provided at the first class)

For more information, email

Dates and times of events are subject to change without notice. Always check the event organizer's website for the most updated schedule before attending.

Promotional photo for Swing Dance Mondays. Courtesy of Sw...

Above: Promotional photo for Swing Dance Mondays. Courtesy of Swing Dancing San Diego.


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