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KPBS relies on volunteers to assist us in providing this valuable public service to the San Diego and Imperial Valley Communities. The area we most often need volunteer help: taking calls during our on-air membership pledge campaigns. With an overall annual station budget of just over $20,000,000, our ongoing membership drives are critical to providing quality KPBS programming and operations.

Aside from pledge campaigns, we also occasionally use volunteers for outreach initiatives, special events and other activities. Please know though that the majority of volunteer email requests we send out on average of one to two times a month are for pledge phone volunteers.

CLICK HERE TO ADD YOUR NAME to our volunteer database in order to receive future notifications of volunteer needs and events. Once signed up, you will receive emails from then on whenever we have a need for volunteers. Unsubscribe at any time.

Note: In addition to adding your name to the KPBS volunteer database above, if you are also interested in volunteer reading for the KPBS Radio Reading Service for the visually impaired, we currently have a waiting list for prospective Reading Service readers. If you wish to be added to that list, please visit and read through the instructions on the ‘Volunteer’ section for information.