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Stories for March 22, 2003


March 22, 2003
By Beth Accomando and Cinema Junkie by Beth Accomando

After spending 20 years in a mental institution, Spider has just been released back into his old neighborhood in the East End of London. He's sent to a halfway house run by the brusque Mrs. Wilkenson (Lynn Redgrave). There he meets Terrence (John Neville), a talkative resident who explains that in a loud world, the halfway house is like an island ruled by a queen. Terrence tries to befriend Spider who keeps very much to himself. But Spider still manages to irritate Mrs. Wilkenson by initially refusing to bathe and insisting on wearing all his clothes at once. As Terrence notes, "Clothes maketh the man. The less the man, the more the need for clothes."

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Cronenberg's 'Spider' Gets Inside Unhinged Mind

March 22, 2003
By Beth Accomando

David Cronenberg isn't interested in making "feel-good" movies -- unless you consdier the rush you get from his filmmaking genius as a way of inspiring you -- and his new film "Spider" (opening March 21 at Landmarks Hillcrest Cinemas) represents his unique cinematic vision.