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Stories for July 31, 2004

The Village

July 31, 2004
By Beth Accomando and Cinema Junkie by Beth Accomando

The story is set in an isolated, seemingly 19th century American village. The small village is surrounded by woods that form a kind of boundary that no one seems willing to cross. Legend has it that there are evil creatures, referred to as "Those Who Don't Speak Of" who lurk just beyond the border. The elders suggest that some sort of deal has been struck with these creatures to keep them out of the village. But the villagers are not overly concerned with these creatures so long as everyone stays on their side of the border. Within the village, people seem friendly, work well together and share a close sense of community. Lucius (Joaquin Phoenix), however, starts to express a desire to leave the village to visit the outside world, where he hears that that have miraculous drugs that could help people in the village. But then a tragedy strikes, and the truce between the village and the creatures seems fragile. The peaceful community is disrupted by a shocking act of violence, and one member-a young blind girl named Ivy (Bryce Dallas Howard)-may have to leave the confines of the village and venture through the woods to the city outside.