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Stories for June 30, 2004

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Review: 'Spider-Man 2'

June 30, 2004
By Beth Accomando

Your friendly neighborhood web slinger is back in action for another big screen adventure in Sam Raimis Spider-Man 2 (opening throughout San Diego on June 30). Once again director Sam Raimi captures all the appeal of Stan Lees original Marvel Comic Book character and looks poised to repeat the success of his 2002 Spider-Man. The first film ended with Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) accepting the responsibility of being a super hero, what he calls my gift, my curse. This means not allowing Mary Jane (Kirsten Dunst), the girl hes loved since first grade, to know how he feels about her because he fears his enemies would hurt her to get to him. So he takes the words of his late Uncle Ben (Cliff Robertson), with great power comes great responsibility, to heart and dedicates himself to fighting evil in the Big Apple.