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Stories for February 25, 2005

A Town in Turmoil

Feb. 25, 2005
KPBS Commentaries

It is an oddity in this city's current legal tangles that two courageous women are involved in the reform efforts. Diann Shipione is the volunteer public member of the City Pension Board, and its whistle blower. Carol Lam is the United States Attorney.

KPBS Commentaries

Feb. 25, 2005
KPBS Public Broadcasting

Diary of a Mad Black Woman

Feb. 25, 2005
By Beth Accomando and Cinema Junkie by Beth Accomando

Because of Charles, Helen says she put her mom Myrtle (Cicely Tyson still wonderful although too rarely seen on screen) in a home and abandoned the rest of her family. But now she needs family and a place to stay. So she goes to her Aunt Madea (Tyler Perry in drag for the best of his three roles), a mountain of a woman who keeps her home open to anyone in need. But be forewarned, anyone who stays has to put up with her sometimes caustic humor. After scolding Helen for investing so much of herself into Charles and her marriage, Madea welcomes her to the house and tells her she needs to pick herself up and get a job. But first, Madea takes Helen back to Charles mansion where they engage in a little therapy by tearing up the new wife-to-bes expensive wardrobe. Now Helen has to redefine herself without Charles, something she has never had to do. She cant decide if she wants to forgive Charles and get on with her life or wallow in self-pity and a growing desire for vengeance. While Madea thinks revenge sounds pretty good, Myrtle urges her daughter to forgive and move on.

Cinema Junkie by Beth Accomando

Feb. 25, 2005
By Baccomando and KPBS Public Broadcasting