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Stories for November 17, 2005

CA's Attorney General files suit against Sempra

Nov. 17, 2005
By Erik Anderson and KPBS Public Broadcasting

California's Attorney General filed suit against Sempra Energy Trading charging the company with electricity market manipulation. KPBS Reporter Erik Anderson has details.

Hospital backed initative to fund emergency rooms

Nov. 17, 2005
By Kenny Goldberg and KPBS Public Broadcasting

California's hospital industry is backing an effort to place a tobacco tax hike on next year's ballot. Supporters say the measure would generate money for cash-strapped emergency rooms. But critics say the initiative is poorly designed. KPBS Reporter Kenny Goldberg has more.

Advisors warn teens about internet predators

Nov. 17, 2005
By Beth Ford Roth and KPBS Public Broadcasting

Teenagers are posting very personal information online that's attracting the interest of sexual predators. That's according to an internet safety program for schools called "I-Safe" that held a training session today at the San Diego County Office of Education. KPBS reporter Beth Ford Roth has more.

SD wildfire starter to be sentenced

Nov. 17, 2005
By Amita Sharma and KPBS Public Broadcasting

The hunter who pleaded guilty to starting the devastating 2003 Cedar fire in San Diego will be sentenced today. Sergio Martinez faces a maximum of five years in prison. KPBS Reporter Amita Sharma has more.

New border crossing tunnel found E. of Otay Mesa

Nov. 17, 2005
By Amy Isackson and KPBS Public Broadcasting

U.S. and Mexican authorities have discovered a new cross border tunnel just east of the Otay Mesa border crossing. Authorities say tougher border enforcement since 9-11 has driven people and drug smugglers underground. KPBS reporter Amy Isackson has the story.