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Stories for August 9, 2006


Aug. 9, 2006
KPBS Commentaries

San Diego summertime brings the joy of both staying home and vacationing. And of taking a fresh look at the cultural luxuries of a San Diego that has grown far more interesting than that earlier city that bragged on its zoo and its Navy bases.

KPBS Commentaries

Aug. 9, 2006
KPBS Public Broadcasting

Atomic bomb survivor story

Aug. 9, 2006
By Shinpei Takeda and KPBS Public Broadcasting

My name is Lonnie Carpenter. When I turned 17 years old, I went into the Navy. In 1963, I got orders to go to Japan. In 1964, me and my friends had a chance to go up to the Olympics. That's where I met my wife. I lost both my mom and dad really young, so I grew up by myself. So when I met Sue, she was on her own, we both knew something about life, and we just got along together.

CA Superintendent of Schools: 'Dropout rate is unnacceptable'

Aug. 9, 2006
By Ana Tintocalis and KPBS Public Broadcasting

California school Superintendent Jack O'Connell says the dropout rate among black and Latino high school students could be higher than what educators already believe it to be. KPBS Reporter Ana Tintocalis has more.

Local survivor remembers the atomic bombing of Nagasaki

Aug. 9, 2006
By Tom Fudge and KPBS Public Broadcasting

Host Tom Fudge speaks to a local Nagasaki bombing survivor, an expert on the lasting effects of nuclear weapons, and a local filmmaker who has documented survivors of the atomic bomb.

Federal government deems So Cal power needs 'critical' (corrected)

Aug. 9, 2006
By Andrew Phelps and KPBS Public Broadcasting

San Diego Gas & Electric is welcoming a new report from the U.S. Energy Department that says Southern California's power needs are "critical." The federal government says the controversial Sunrise Powerlink, a proposed transmission line from Imperial County, could help relieve power congestion. KPBS Radio's Andrew Phelps reports. (This story has been corrected from an earlier version)

Kroll report falls short of placing blame for financial mess

Aug. 9, 2006
By Alison St John and KPBS Public Broadcasting

The Kroll report delivered to the city of San Diego yesterday concludes laws were broken when the city failed to disclose its massive pension deficit to investors. But it's still ambiguous as to who is to blame for the resulting fiscal mess. KPBS Reporter Alison St John has more.

Did the Kroll report live up to expectations?

Aug. 9, 2006
By Tom Fudge and KPBS Public Broadcasting

Now that the report has been released, what's the next step for the San Diego? Host Tom Fudge speaks to Mayor Jerry Sanders and City Attorney Mike Aguirre about their reactions to the report.

Labor organizations join to press for workers' rights

Aug. 9, 2006
By Amy Isackson and KPBS Public Broadcasting

The country's largest labor organization and a California based group that represents day labor centers nationwide joined forces Wednesday to press for workers' rights. KPBS reporter Amy Isackson has the story.