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Stories for December 26, 2006

A Year in Review: San Diego's Financial Woes

Dec. 26, 2006
By Alison St John and KPBS Public Broadcasting

The financially strapped city of San Diego has made it through another year. The mayor and council have struggled to get the city’s financial credibility back on track, after being banned from the bond market for failing to reveal the massive billion dollar pension deficit. KPBS reporter Alison St John takes a look at what’s been accomplished this year, and what’s facing the city in the year ahead.

Shopping Around for Prescription Drugs Pays Off (Part 1)

Dec. 26, 2006
By Rebecca Tolin and KPBS Public Broadcasting

Studies show that Americans are buying more drugs, and they're getting more expensive. The Kaiser Family Foundation says the number of prescriptions increased 70 percent between 1993 and 2003. On top of that, retail prices have grown more than seven percent each year in the same time period. CAL-PIRG recently found San Diego is the second most expensive city in the nation to buy prescription drugs. So Reporter Rebecca Tolin launched an investigation to find out more.

California Law Regulates Electronic Waste

Dec. 26, 2006
By Rebecca Tolin and KPBS Public Broadcasting

Are old cell phones and computers piling up in your closet or garage? If so, you aren't alone in this fast-moving electronic age. More than 6,000 computers become obsolete in California everyday. So California is cracking down on the toxic problem of electronic waste. New regulations make it illegal for residents to dump almost anything with a cord in the trashcan. So where can you get rid of it? Reporter Rebecca Tolin went on a mission to find out.

Local Man Shares Chicano Movement History

Dec. 26, 2006
By Laura Castaneda and KPBS Public Broadcasting

San Diegan Herman Baca was at the center of it all when the Chicano Movement for Latino rights was taking off in the 1960s. Not only did Baca play a key role in the marches and protests, but he also saved photographs, news clippings and more that carefully document this important era in Mexican-American history. As correspondent Laura Castaneda tells us, Baca's archives of the Chicano movement have a new home at UCSD.

Fewer Fatalities on CA Roadways Christmas Weekend

Dec. 26, 2006
KPBS Public Broadcasting

The California Highway Patrol says roughly thirty percent fewer people died on California roadways over the Christmas holiday weekend than last year.

Federal Education Money Not Reaching Poor Students

Dec. 26, 2006
By Ana Tintocalis and KPBS Public Broadcasting

A national report finds the federal government doesn't give poor students their fair share of education dollars. KPBS Reporter Ana Tintocalis has more.

Schwarzenegger Recovering from Surgery

Dec. 26, 2006
By Marianne Russ and KPBS Public Broadcasting

Governor Schwarzenegger is now recovering from what his surgeon is calling a successful operation to repair his right femur this morning. Marianne Russ reports.

Hundreds of Volunteers Spend Christmas Day Serving the Homeless

Dec. 26, 2006
By Marianne Russ and KPBS Public Broadcasting

Nearly 1,000 people crowded into Sacramento’s Loaves and Fishes for a Christmas meal and stockings stuffed with gifts yesterday. As Marianne Russ reports, nearly half as many volunteers spent their holiday making it happen.