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Response To Governor’s Speech Mixed

Many say they appreciated the tone of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's State of the State address last night, but others noted the devil's in the details as to what can be accomplished in this election year. From Sacramento, Jenny O'Mara reports.

Not all applauded during Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's third State of the State address, but many Democrats said there were things to appreciate in his speech Democratic Senator Denise Ducheny of San Diego noted his comments about his defeat in last year's Special Election.

Ducheny: "But I think it was a reach out to voters, I think what he said was pretty clear message received."

Schwarzenegger also broadly outlined plans to build and fix over the next twenty years, including roads, schools, flood systems and prisons, financed in part by bonds. Chico Republican Rick Keene is vice-chair of the Assembly Budget Committee. He says he's optimistic about the plan, but worries that lawmakers' requests for pork projects will overshadow priorities.

Keene: "But we need to have that discussion early on, so we don't get distracted by what will it take to buy off a particular group of legislators, and make them they want to feel they want to buy onto a big project."

Keene says lawmakers must act quickly if they want to place the first of possibly many bond issues on the June ballot. In Sacramento, I'm Jenny O'Mara.

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