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Stories for January 25, 2006

Mexican Border

Jan. 25, 2006
KPBS Commentaries

It is midnight, moonless and surreal at the busiest border crossing in the world. Scarred hillsides and riverbanks are studded with Border Patrol sensors at watch over bandits and rapists who lurk in the dark.

Match Point, Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World, and more...

Jan. 25, 2006
KPBS Public Broadcasting

Film critics discuss some of the new films in local theatres. Films include Woody Allen's "Match Point," Terrence Malick's "The New World," Albert Brooks' "Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World" and Steven Soderbergh's "Bubble."

Sanders hopes to build trust with top credit agencies

Jan. 25, 2006
By Alison St John and KPBS Public Broadcasting

San Diego mayor Jerry Sanders will travel to San Francisco Thursday to personally visit the three major financial credit rating agencies. Joining him will be five members of his financial recovery team. KPBS reporter Alison St John has more.

New cross border tunnel discovered

Jan. 25, 2006
By Amy Isackson and KPBS Public Broadcasting

Authorities are continuing to explore a cross border tunnel that was discovered yesterday at the U.S. Mexico border. KPBS Reporter Amy Isackson has details from Tijuana.

Gray whales migrate south

Jan. 25, 2006
By Tom Fudge and KPBS Public Broadcasting

More than 25,000 gray whales will swim by San Diego's coastline as they make they're way to Baja California. Host Tom Fudge speaks with whale watching experts about these gigantic mammals and their annual journey from the South Arctic.

Condo conversions now face tougher regulations

Jan. 25, 2006
By Alison St John and KPBS Public Broadcasting

New regulations on San Diego's booming condo conversion market are only a first step toward protecting consumers. But a San Diego community group says the new administration at city hall is finally listening to their concerns that condo conversions are eating away at the supply of affordable rentals. KPBS reporter Alison St John has more.

Do industry freebies affect doc's decisions? Some say yes

Jan. 25, 2006
By Kenny Goldberg and KPBS Public Broadcasting

A group of medical experts is calling for tighter controls on drug industry freebies to physicians. In an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the panel says drug company money unduly influences doctors' behavior. But the head of the San Diego County Medical Society strongly disagrees. KPBS Reporter Kenny Goldberg has more.

Longer response times due to police shortage

Jan. 25, 2006
By Amita Sharma and KPBS Public Broadcasting

Police response times have increased because officers are leaving San Diego for agencies in other cities where the pay is higher is the cost of living is lower. The department is also having a tough time finding enough recruits to fill slots at police training academies. KPBS Reporter Amita Sharma has more.

Two sites ruled unlikely for future airport

Jan. 25, 2006
By Tom Fudge and KPBS Public Broadcasting

Why are Imperial County and Boulevard unlikely sites to replace Lindbergh Field? Tom Fudge talks to a board member of the San Diego Country Regional Airport Authority to find out.

Can Iran be trusted with nuclear capabilities?

Jan. 25, 2006
By Tom Fudge and KPBS Public Broadcasting

Iran's nuclear developments have been the focus of international scrutiny lately. Host Tom Fudge speaks to a nuclear weapons expert and a Middle East scholar about why the USA and some of its European allies don't trust Iran.