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Immigration field hearing to be held in San Diego

Congress is planning a series of field hearings on immigration this summer, including one in San Diego in July. Critics call the move an effort to put off meaningful reform. Capital correspondent Chad Pergram has details.

Democratic California Senator Diane Feinstien says it's strange to hold hearings after the house and senate approve their versions of the bills.

Feinstein: I think it's a way to stall.

The house package focuses on border enforcement. While the Senate plan offers provides some illegal immigrants already in the country a path to citizenship.

That rankles Duncan Hunter.

Hunter: It gives people in other countries around the world the idea that there is a benefit to be gained to be gained be coming across illegally.

The house republicans also flagged the senate bill because it contained tax provisions. Constitutionally revenue related bills must originate in the house.

Again Diane Feinstein:

Feinstein: That's just an excuse they can pass it if they want to pass it.

House Republicans say the field hearings are necessary because more and more are hearing about the senate bill and prefer the house position. From Capitol Hill, Chad Pergram KPBS News.

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