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Stories for March 17, 2006

Tease photo for Review: 'V for Vendetta'

Review: 'V for Vendetta'

March 17
By Beth Accomandoand Cinema Junkie by Beth Accomando

"People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people." That tag line, which has a nice ring to it, s being used in some of the advertising for the new film adaptation of the graphic novel "V for Vendetta" (opening March 17 throughout San Diego). It's also a more politically overt statement than most Hollywood films these days seem willing to make.

Confederate States of America

March 17
By Beth Accomandoand Cinema Junkie by Beth Accomando

Kevin Willmott, an independent filmmaker who maintains his steady income by teaching film, creates a thought-provoking faux documentary with

Cinema Junkie by Beth Accomando

March 17
By Baccomandoand KPBS Public Broadcasting

Sporting events make San Diego more marketable

March 17
By Erik Andersonand KPBS Public Broadcasting

San Diego is getting a public relation's boost from two major sporting events hosted here this weekend. KPBS Reporter Erik Anderson has details.

Stem cell research gets the green light

March 17
By Beth Ford Rothand KPBS Public Broadcasting

It's official. UCSD, and the Scripps, Salk, and Burnham Institutes formally entered into an agreement Friday to collaborate on stem cell research. KPBS reporter Beth Ford Roth has more.

Pension payment figures released

March 17
By Amita Sharmaand KPBS Public Broadcasting

The city of San Diego learned today its payment into the troubled pension system in the next fiscal year this year is $162 million. But there is some dispute over whether that will be the actual figure that needs to be paid into the plan. KPBS Reporter Amita Sharma has more.

Part 2: Is bankruptcy in the city's future?

March 17
By Amita Sharmaand KPBS Public Broadcasting

The high-stakes showdown the city of San Diego has been waiting for has finally arrived in a local courtroom. The city is asking a judge to decide whether pension hikes granted to city employees in 1996 and 2002 are legal. But those hoping for a quick solution to the city's looming pension crisis may be disappointed. KPBS Legal Reporter Amita Sharma has more.

SD pension report, CA rebuilding, Iraq

March 17
By Gloria Pennerand KPBS Public Broadcasting

The editors gather at the roundtable for opinions on San Diego's employee retirement system debt, California Governer's rejected rebuilding plan, and three years of war in Iraq.