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Stories for March 20, 2006

SDG&E unveils proposed route for Sunrise Powerlink

March 20, 2006
By Beth Ford Roth and KPBS Public Broadcasting

After months of speculation SDG&E has unveiled its proposed route for the controversial Sunrise Powerlink. The 130-mile electricity transmission line would travel from Imperial County through North San Diego County's backcountry. KPBS reporter Beth Ford Roth has more.

Iraq War marks third anniversary

March 20, 2006
By Tom Fudge and KPBS Public Broadcasting

Three years ago today the US-led invasion into Iraq began. Now the air assaults continue, stronger than ever. Tom Fudge finds out how the community and the country are feeling on this anniversary date.

San Diego judges give chronic alcoholics a sobering sentence

March 20, 2006
By Tom Fudge and KPBS Public Broadcasting

About ten percent of San Diego's homeless population are chronic alcoholics who cost the law enforcement and health care systems millions of dollars a year. Host Tom Fudge talks with two guests about how costly chronic homelessness has been to our city.

Park supporters hope bond package makes ballot

March 20, 2006
By Marianne Russ and KPBS Public Broadcasting

State parks supporters are still hoping a public works bond package will make it to the voters in November. That's because they're banking on money for parks being part of it. Sacramento reporter Marianne Russ has more.

Experts argue over need for new airport

March 20, 2006
By Alison St John and KPBS Public Broadcasting

The San Diego Airport Authority listened to dueling experts today. They argued over whether San Diego really needs a new airport. KPBS reporter Alison St John has more.

Jury awards $6 million in Rossum civil case

March 20, 2006
By Ed Joyce / Capital Public Radio and KPBS Public Broadcasting

A San Diego jury has awarded $6 million in damages to the parents of Gregory de Villers, who was poisoned by his wife, Kristin Rossum, in November 2000. The wrongful death suit was filed by de Villers' parents against Rossum and San Diego County.

San Diegans reflect on 3rd anniversary of Iraq war

March 20, 2006
By Amy Isackson and KPBS Public Broadcasting

Today marks the third anniversary of the American Invasion of Iraq. San Diego's armed forces continue to play a significant role in the ongoing struggle. The duration of the war, and the fact there's no end in sight, is taking its toll on supporters here on the home front. KPBS Reporter Amy Isackson has the story.

Routes proposed for Sunrise Powerlink

March 20, 2006
By Tom Fudge and KPBS Public Broadcasting

Host Tom Fudge speaks to KPBS Environmental Reporter Beth Ford-Roth about the controversial Sunrise Powerlink. The route is one of the most controversial elements of the plan because it will likely go through Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.