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Governor’s budget boosts school funding by $3 billion

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger visited an Oceanside School Monday to spread the word about his proposed boost in education spending. The governor's new budget increases school funding by $3-billion. KPBS Reporter Ana Tintocalis has more.

Students at Del Rio Elementary greeted Schwarzenegger with big smiles and a song. The Governor traveled to this school because he says its students and teachers beat the odds. Five years ago Del Rio was a low-performing school. Today its one of California's distinguished schools. Schwarzenegger says Del Rio's strong after-school program helped students in more ways than one.

Schwarzenegger: They have a terrific afterschool program that offers additional music and homework assistance, tutoring for kids where English is a second languae and to help them with physical education classes.

The Governor says his proposed education budget would fund more after-school programs like the one at Del Rio. More money would pay for improved instructional materials and teacher training. Ana Tintocalis, KPBS News.

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