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Stories for March 23, 2007

Duncan Hunter's Son Mulls Running For His Father's Seat

March 23, 2007
By Amita Sharma and KPBS Public Broadcasting

Longtime congressman and republican presidential candidate Duncan Hunter isn't running for his house seat. But that doesn't mean his family is ready to let go of the post.

Reporters Discuss Hunter's Seat; Lam's Firing; Local Hospitals Coping With a Surge in War-Wounded

March 23, 2007
KPBS Public Broadcasting

Congressman Duncan Hunter is giving up his congressional seat in hopes that his son will fill it. This story and more, as Alison St John talks with local reporters.

Blue Cross Slapped With Fine for Illegal Policy Cancellations

March 23, 2007
By Kenny Goldberg and KPBS Public Broadcasting

State regulators say they hope a $1 million fine against Blue Cross for illegally canceling policies will set an example for other health insurers. Regulators imposed the fine after an investigation showed Blue Cross repeatedly violated state law. KPBS reporter Kenny Goldberg has more.

Health Experts Can't Explain E. coli Outbreak

March 23, 2007
By Andrew Phelps and KPBS Public Broadcasting

California's Health Department and the Food and Drug Administration released their findings on a deadly E. coli outbreak today. The agencies say contaminated spinach came from a single farm in the Salinas Valley. But KPBS Radio's Andrew Phelps reports there are more questions than answers.

California Again Leading Nation in Gas Prices

March 23, 2007
By Ed Joyce / Capital Public Radio and KPBS Public Broadcasting

Gasoline prices continue climbing in California. KPBS reporter Ed Joyce says there are ways to stretch your gas mileage.

Realtors Association: Home Sales up Five Percent Last Month

March 23, 2007
KPBS Public Broadcasting

The California Association of Realtors reports that the median price of an existing single family home in San Diego was up two percent last month, and sales were up nearly five percent.

Local, Federal Female Officers Gather to Showcase Shooting Skills

March 23, 2007
By Andrea Hsu and KPBS Public Broadcasting

Female law enforcement officers from all over San Diego County put their shooting skills on display today. The San Diego Women's Pistol Invitational drew over 80 officers from 15 agencies. KPBS Radio's Andrea Hsu reports.

US Attorney Firings, Military Health Care, 2003 Audit

March 23, 2007
KPBS Public Broadcasting

Should Harriet Miers and Karl Rove have to testify under oath about the circumstances surrounding the firing of eight U.S. attorneys? Also, is the military ready to deal with the medical and mental health needs of Iraq war veterans? And, the City of San Diego received its long-delayed 2003 audit from KPMG.