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Stories for August 3, 2008

The Ladies of Horror

Aug. 3
By Aaron Sotoand KPBS Comic-Con News
Tease photo for The Ladies of Horror

The Ladies of Horror

Aug. 3
Aaron Soto

For me, the San Diego Comic-Con is all about the contribution of artists to the realm of the Fantastic. While most of the attendees battle lines at Hall H for the Hollywood studio panels (that hardly ever hit the right note for the genre), I look forward to meeting the real artists in the industry. This year my focus is on the hard working woman of horror cinema. My interviews at this year's Comic-Con range from horror icons such as Elvira, to great solid actress like the amazing Ashley Laurence ("Hellraiser"), to well known horror expert Jovanka Vuckovic, editor-in-chief of Rue Morgue magazine and many more! Let's celebrate the Girl Power of horror cinema!

Tease photo for Mike Peters at Comic-Con

Mike Peters at Comic-Con

Aug. 3
By Beth Accomando

Every year Comic-Con invites special guests and puts a spotlight on them in solo panels. This year one of the special guests was cartoonist Mike Peters, creator of Mother Goose and Grimm and award-winning editorial cartoonist. In his solo panel, Peters delighted the audience with the most roundabout, rambling yet hilarious tales about his life. Panel moderator Mark Evanier only got to ask about three questions in the hour-long panel, and I'm not even sure any of them got answered. But it didn't matter because Peters was such an energetic and entertaining speaker.

The Mind-Bending Experience of Jodorowsky at Comic-Con

Aug. 3
Aaron Soto

My first post was about my passion for Jodorowsky. So how cool was it that when I met up with horror filmmakers Jacob Gentry ("The Signal") and Adam Wingard ("Pop Skull") we talked about the genius of Jodorowsky. These are the types of encounters that make for great Comic-Con moments.

Tease photo for Rick Baker Talks About CGI and Make Up Effects

Rick Baker Talks About CGI and Make Up Effects

Aug. 3
Aaeon Soto

I like the way Rick Baker -- make up artist extraordinaire -- keeps it real. Sure he uses computer effects to make his make up work even better, but he doesn't rely solely on CGI. Baker was at Comic-Con to discuss his work on the new Wolf Man starring Benicio Del Toro movie for Universal. I caught up with to talk about Guillermo Del Toro and CGI.