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Sweet Lady Talks about Chainsaws in Gears of War Panel

One of her first questions to Cliff concerned the cleaning of the Lancer, Gears of War 's famous chainsaw bayonet. & The question had never even crossed his mind. & But she accurately noted that, once you've carved through a few, it's going to get "full of gristle, bone, and connective tissue." & Obviously, you have to deal with that. & She also did her research to determine the best place to hit someone with a chainsaw in order to most efficiently stop them. & She consulted doctors at her local hospital to figure out what happens when you are hit by a chainsaw - other than the obvious. & I'm of the opinion that, despite the clich e, nine times out of ten, you really CAN judge a book by its cover. & But Karen fits squarely in that one out of ten and is clearly the right person to write Gears of War: The Pendulum Wars: The Battle of Aspho Fields , which will hit stores in October.

Karen assured the crowd that her book would not be filled with only gleeful gore and mayhem. & "It isn't all mindless violence," she said. & In fact, "some of it is quite mindful violence." & And judging by her background, she really means that. The bio on her website mentions that she served in the both the Territorial Army and the now disbanded Royal Naval Auxiliary Service . And her homepage encourages support of " Combat Stress , the charity that helps PTSD sufferers. Because real war isn't a video game."

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