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Breaking News: Passenger Train Derails Onto Major Freeway In Western Washington (Posted 12/18/17 at 9:39 a.m.)

Stories for November 15, 2008

Southern California Battles Devastating Wildfires in 3 Counties

Nov. 15
KPBS Public Broadcasting

Southern Californians in three counties are weathering a second straight day of devastation as wind-blasted wildfires have destroyed 500 mobile homes, shut down major freeways and forced thousands of residents to flee.

San Diego County is Prepared for Local Fires

Nov. 15
By Tammy Carpowich and KPBS Public Broadcasting

Fires Destroy Homes in LA, Santa Barbara County

Nov. 15
By Daisy Nguyen and KPBS Public Broadcasting

The California Highway Patrol has shut a second freeway due to a wind-driven wildfire that has burned at least 10 homes and forced thousands of people to evacuate in northern Los Angeles.

LA Mayor Says Fire Could Cause Blackout

Nov. 15
KPBS Public Broadcasting

The mayor of Los Angeles is urging residents to conserve power and says a devastating fire in Sylmar could cause rolling blackouts.