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Washington Week With Gwen Ifill And National Journal

Airs Fridays at 8 p.m. & Sundays at 10:30 a.m. on KPBS TV

Above: WASHINGTON WEEK features Washington's top journalists analyzing the week's top news stories and their effect on the lives of all Americans. Gwen Ifill (pictured) hosts.

WASHINGTON WEEK, PBS' longest-running public affairs series, features Washington's top journalists analyzing the week's top news stories and their effect on the lives of all Americans. Gwen Ifill hosts.


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Topics for Aug. 28 (Encore Aug. 30):

Presidential elections are often unpredictable this early in the campaign season. But the 2016 race seems to be unlike any other defying political gravity with the most unconventional candidate dominating the presidential contest.

Donald Trump seems to enjoy sparring with the media. This week he took aim at The New York Times, Univision anchor Jorge Ramos as well as Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly. The real estate mogul also remains focused on taking down Republican rival, Jeb Bush. But the former Florida governor and one-time presumptive frontrunner is fighting back with sharp criticism of Trump’s immigration reform plan and his bombastic style. Michael Scherer of Time will report on Donald Trump’s unusual political strategy, why it seems to be winning supporters, and what party insiders are saying about the insurgent GOP candidate.

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Lincoln Chafee, Martin O’Malley, and Jim Webb will be speaking to the party faithful at the Democratic National Committee’s meeting in Minneapolis this week. But the buzz in Democratic circles is about Vice President Joe Biden possibly jumping into the 2016 race. Dan Balz of The Washington Post will report live from the DNC meeting and Carol Lee of The Wall Street Journal will have the latest on the considerations for Biden should he decide to run.

Plus, Alexis Simendinger of RealClearPolitics will take a closer look at President Obama's post-vacation agenda including promoting his nuclear deal with Iran, addressing climate change, and marking the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

What has been the lasting impact of Hurricane Katrina and the slow recovery on the residents who survived the catastrophic storm? Gwen Ifill traveled to New Orleans and here’s her Take.

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Donald Trump Shapes the Policy Debate

Above: With Donald Trump still polling high, fellow Republican candidates work to differentiate themselves by rolling out their policy platforms. Marco Rubio and Scott Walker would repeal Obamacare, Jeb Bush wants to improve education and veterans affairs, while Trump would end birthright citizenship to illegal immigrants.


2016 Candidates Flock to Iowa

Above: The Iowa State Fair kicked off this week with hopeful 2016 candidates hoping to win the support of party faithful in the nation's first caucus state. Meanwhile, email troubles continue to plague Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. The Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty and CNBC’s John Harwood explain which candidates had a good week and which have seen better.


First GOP Debate Draws Record Audience

Above: Republican presidential contenders went toe-to-toe with frontrunner Donald Trump in 2016's first debate. Who was able to break through the fray? Dan Balz of The Washington Post, John Dickerson of CBS News and Jeanne Cummings of The Wall Street Journal break down the debate's highs and lows and analyze the role of The Donald in the 2016 season.


Countdown to First GOP Debate & Congress' Unresolved Issues

Above: The first Republican presidential debate is less than a week away, and many are speculating about the role businessman Donald Trump will play as he leads the GOP field. Which Republicans will be on the stage to take on Trump? Plus, Congress is heading out of town for its five-week summer recess while leaving some major issues unresolved.


Donald Trump's Impact on the Crowded GOP Field

Above: Donald Trump sits atop the Republican presidential field for president, but how do the businessman's loud and spirited exchanges with his GOP opponents affect the race? How is the Trump campaign overshadowing newer Republican entrants into the field? Plus, will another potential email probe dampen Hillary Clinton's credibility and political aspirations?


Iran Nuclear Deal & Big Money Raised in Election 2016

Above: The new nuclear deal with Iran has managed to rile up some in the U.S. and abroad. With the disapproval of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and politicians alike, the new deal leaves questions in its wake. Reporters break down the deal's future implications. Plus, a report on the staggering political fundraising that will impact the race to 2016.


Massive Government Data Breach & Donald Trump Unnerves GOP

Above: After the personal data of 21 million federal employees and their families was stolen, the director of the Office of Personnel Management resigned Friday. CNBC's John Harwood reports. The Confederate flag is no longer flying on the grounds of the South Carolina State House. Plus, Donald Trump's controversial comments about immigration have Republican Party leaders wondering how to respond.

The Vault: 2006 Negotiations Over Iran's Nuclear Program

As the June 30 deadline nears for the nuclear talks with Iran, we look back in the Washington Week Vault to June 2006 when the United States joined with the five permanent members of the UN Security Council as well as Germany to propose discussions with Iran to suspend its nuclear enrichment program. Bloomberg's Janine Zachariah joins Gwen Ifill to explain the proposal.

Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare & Same-Sex Marriage

The Supreme Court delivered two major decisions this week by upholding the Affordable Care Act for second time and affirming the right to marry for gay couples nationwide. Pete Williams of NBC News and Joan Biskupic of Reuters examine the legal and political ramifications surrounding these major decisions. President Obama delivered traveled to Charleston to deliver the eulogy for the pastor k

Obama Eulogizes Charleston Pastor and The Race Card Project

Obama’s stirring rendition of “Amazing Grace” celebrates the lives of the Charleston shooting victims as he eulogized Emmanuel AME pastor and congressman Clementa Pinckney. NPR’s Michele Norris discusses race relations in America along with a gut check of American feelings on the shooting through her venture “The Race Card Project.”

Charleston Church Shooting, House Revives Trade Bill

The Justice Department launched a hate crimes investigation into the mass shooting at a historic black church in Charleston, S.C., that left nine people dead. NPR's Carrie Johnson reports on President Obama's calls for a shift in how the U.S. thinks about gun violence. In Congress, GOP leaders worked with the White House to pass fast-trade trade authority after Democrats blocked the initial bill.

House Votes Down Trade, More Troops to Iraq and 2016

House Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi voted down President Obama's fast-track trade authority Friday. POLITICO's Manu Raju explains the showdown and the possible resolution next week. Also this week, President Obama announced that 450 more troops would be headed back to Iraq to advise and train the Iraqi military.

Fmr House Speaker Indicted, DOJ Probe of Policing Practices

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert has been charged with lying to the FBI about giving someone hush money to cover up transgressions from his past.