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Above: WASHINGTON WEEK features Washington's top journalists analyzing the week's top news stories and their effect on the lives of all Americans. Gwen Ifill (pictured) hosts.

WASHINGTON WEEK, PBS' longest-running public affairs series, features Washington's top journalists analyzing the week's top news stories and their effect on the lives of all Americans. Gwen Ifill hosts.

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Topics for April 18 (encore: April 20):

Diplomats from Russia, Ukraine, the U.S. and European Union met in Geneva, Switzerland on Thursday to work on a plan to deescalate the tense situation that has roiled Ukraine since the toppling of its pro-Moscow president in February. These were the first face-to-face meetings between Russian and Ukrainian diplomats since pockets of eastern Ukraine came under pro-Russian control.

While Secretary of State John Kerry announced that the U.S. and other Western nations are considering new economic sanctions to impose on Russia, the Obama administration is preparing to authorize a limited shipment of non-lethal aid to Ukrainian forces. Peter Baker of The New York Times will have the latest on the evolving role the U.S. is playing in the high-level talks to find a diplomatic solution to end the deepening crisis in Ukraine.

This week Americans paused to honor and remember the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing one year later. Meanwhile, lawyers for alleged bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were in court this week arguing that some of the federal charges against their client should be dropped. Pete Williams of NBC News will take a closer look at the issue of domestic terrorism and concerns within the law enforcement community that incidents like the Boston bombings or last weekends shooting rampage at two Jewish-run facilities in Kansas are an emerging threat. .

The midterm elections may be seven months away but the fund-raising activities are in high gear. Matea Gold of The Washington Post will explain what’s fueling the surge in political donations and why independent political groups could play a greater role in this year’s midterm contests.

Plus Molly Ball of The Atlantic will explain how Senator Rand Paul is attempting to rally support for a potential 2016 White House run by satisfying the conservative grassroots while also calling for a broader Republican Party.

Gwen Ifill was online for her monthly web chat. Find out Gwen’s Take on who tells the best stories at Washington D.C. dinner parties, how she stays so young and hip, and her advice to young journalists.

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Washington Week: Sebelius Resigns, Civil Rights Summit, Income Inequality

Above: In this episode: The resignation of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. What challenges will her predecessor inherit? Also, the 50th anniversary and legacy of the Civil Rights Act, the politics of income inequality, and the prospective candidacies and political dynasties of Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush. Joining Gwen: Alexis Simendinger, Real Clear Politics; Amy Walter, Cook Political Report; Michael Duffy; TIME Magazine; Alex Wayne, Bloomberg News.


Washington Week: Campaign Donation Limits; Healthcare Politics

Above: In this episode: The Supreme Court rejected the overall limits on how much individuals can donate; the implementation and politics of the Affordable Care Act; and why two powerful GOP congressmen, Rep. Mike Rogers and Rep. Dave Camp, have chosen not to seek re-election. Joining Gwen: Jeff Zeleny, ABC News; Matea Gold, The Washington Post; Pete Williams, NBC News; John Dickerson, Slate Magazine.


Washington Week: Crisis in Ukraine, U.S. Foreign Policy Credentials, 2014 Mid

Above: In this episode: President Obama stepped up pressure on Russia with a second wave of sanctions and Russia responded with its own restrictions. Also, how Democrats and Republicans are strategizing to rally the base for the midterm elections with an unpopular President and Congress.Joining Gwen: Dan Balz, The Washington Post; Beth Reinhard, Wall Street Journal; David Sanger, The New York Times; Michael Crowley, TIME


Washington Week: Russia-Ukraine Standoff, Feinstein vs CIA

Above: In this episode: Ukraine's interim Prime Minister visits the White House and Crimea referendum, CIA accused of spying on Senate intelligence committee, and the Republican party wins Florida congressional seat in special election. Joining Amy Walter of Cook Political Report: Susan Davis, USA Today; Ed O'Keefe, Washington Post; Indira Lakshmanan, Bloomberg News.


Washington Week: Domestic and International Politics Surrounding Ukraine

Above: In this episode: The U.S. is ramping up pressure on Russia to de-escalate the growing tensions in Ukraine by imposing sanctinos and visa restrictions. NY Times' Peter Baker and LA Times' Doyle McManus report on the latest developments in the crisis. Plus, Republicans, including many 2016 presidential hopefuls, gathered at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference to hone their message and rally their base ahead of the 2014 midterm elections. CNN's Gloria Borger reports.


Washington Week: Lawmakers & Shutdown Pay, Fixing

Above: In this episode: The aftermath of the revolution in Ukraine, the defeat of an Arizona bill that would have allowed business owners to refuse service to gay people on religious grounds, Rep. John Dingell's retirement, and the launch of 'My Brother's Keeper'. Joining Gwen: Ed O'Keefe, Washington Post; Pete Williams, NBC News; Michael Sherer, TIME Magazine; and Indira Lakshmanan of Bloomberg News.


Washington Week: Ukraine Erupts, Minimum Wage, 2014 Election Spending & Races To Watch

Above: In this episode, Ukraine violence tests U.S.-Russia relations, CBO report on minimum wage, political action money during election season and Mitch McConnell's bid for re-election as part of the 2014 races to watch. Joining Gwen: David Sanger, The New York Times; Jeanne Cummings, Bloomberg News; Amy Walter, Cook Political Report; Greg Ip, Economist.


Washington Week: Obama's Clean Debt Ceiling Bill, Obamacare Delays & GOP 2014

Above: In this episode: After the nation's capital was blanketed with snow, our special reporters roundtable explores the politics coming out of the White House and Congress this week. Joining Gwen: Karen Tumulty, Washington Post; Molly Ball, The Atlantic; and Alexis Simendinger, Real Clear Politics.


Washington Week: Healthcare & Jobs, Economic Jitters, Healthcare Law

Above: In this episode: The latest political battle over healthcare sparked by a recent CBO report, why Democrats aren't promoting Obamacare successes, January job numbers & stock market anxiety plus a closer look at the 2014 political battle lines. Joining Gwen: Jim Tankersley, Washington Post; Janet Hook, Wall Street Journal; Beth Reinhard, National Journal; Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times


Washington Week: State of the Union, Obama's Action Agenda & GOP Response

Above: In this episode: A roundtable discussion on President Obama's 2014 year-of-action agenda, the determined GOP opposition, and chances for bipartisan compromise. Joining Gwen: John Dickerson, Slate Magazine & CBS News; Susan Davis, USA Today; Christie Parson, Tribune News; Todd Purdum, Politico & Vanity Fair.


Washington Week: Christie Saga, McDonnell's Downfall, Election Reform

Above: In this episode: The investigation into alleged political strong-arming by Christie's office, the indictment of Bob McDonnell, the recommendations by the presidential commission on election reform and the latest on the major Syria peace conference in Switzerland. Joining Gwen: Dan Balz, Washington Post; Pete Williams, NBC News; Indira Lakshmanan, Bloomberg News; Alexis Simendinger, RealClearPolitics


Washington Week: NSA Reforms, Benghazi Probe, ACA Political Fallout

Above: In this episode: Obama's recommendations to reform NSA surveillance practices; a congressional report calls Benghazi attack “likely preventable”; the political fallout from Obamacare, and two cases argued before SCOTUS dealing with restrictions on abortion protesters and presidential recess appointments. Joining Gwen: Peter Baker, New York Times; Joan Biskupic, Reuters; Jeff Zeleny, ABC News; Tom Gjelten, NPR.


Washington Week: Christie's Traffic Troubles, Gates' Memoir and Unemployement

Above: In this episode: How Gov. Chris Christie is trying to distance himself from the erupting traffic jam political fallout; a closer look at Robert Gates’ new memoir; the politics at play behind extending emergency benefits to the long-term unemployed; and a look at the war on poverty. Joining Gwen: Peter Baker, New York Times'; John Dickerson, Slate/ CBS News; Ed O'Keefe, Washington Post; Beth Reinhard, National Journal.

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